Foresight & Hyperstition
2 min readFeb 2


In 2080 land is scarce, and detention center real estate is no longer as available as it once was.

Inmate #T1346H is in detained in a VR cage to save on space. Attempting to find safety in Europe, running from gender persecution in Iran, Farukoi as they were at that time known, risked it all to cross the orders illegally in the hopes of finding safety. Fifteen years into their incarceration, their case still awaiting adjudication on a mind bendingly long waiting list, they occupy their waking hours working a care job talking to lonely elders in the outside world as part of an ‘Isolation Kills’ government program.

#T1346H wakes up with vertigo. Denied access to anything other than basic health care and aware that space restricted incarceration without access to day light causes weakened blood vessels, stokes and seizures, #T1346H turned to the internet for questions.

Hacking their VR system, they start to dig, accessing to scientific papers and medical expertise from teledoctors and AI medical diagnosis platforms, #T1346H discovered a terrible possibility, that they might be patient 0 in what seemed like a dangerous disease for humanity. But when the AI clinician that has been helping them find solutions and treatment starts giving them strange advice they are forced to question, is this medical advice from an expert AI, or is this misinformation being delivered to them serving an ulterior motive? Can they find out the truth before this disease spreads through the detention centre and beyond?

#T1346H takes us through a fast passed thrilling journey that challenges our understanding of expert knowledge and what it means to be human.

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