Beyond the No Pricing Manifesto

How we worked beyond the freemium model to deliver value to large teams and operational intensive businesses

Sandro Munda
Sep 18, 2017 · 4 min read

To us, it simply didn’t make sense to focus on profitability when we were addressing a completely new, untouched market.

We thus decided to give out Forest for free. To empower new companies, side projects, MVPs, apps, and upcoming unicorns with a powerful admin interface to fuel their operations.

What we’ve learnt from the “No Pricing Manifesto”

We’ve seen startups using us from Day-1 structuring their operation and more mature companies (+50 EE) joining us along the way with advanced operational needs.

Feedback-fuelled features roadmap

The No Pricing Manifesto not only helped us iterate on our product thanks to myriads of invaluable customer feedbacks and complex situation to solve but also gave us a clear picture of what to do next.

Today’s businesses are increasingly and dizzyingly complex bringing a new frontier to productivity: collaboration.

If we wanted to become the hub of operations for all the business units and go after the big fish, we needed to introduce more collaboration and more flexibility within our tool.

For large teams and operational intensive businesses with advanced back-office feature requirements


We’ve always wanted to stick with a free option for a regular use of our admin interface empowering all the small projects with a powerful admin tool, from Day-1. While thinking of our pricing strategy for the pro plan, we had to be extremely cautious to stay in line with our initial philosophy. Our pro features are targeted at companies with more structured operations and it didn’t make sense to charge small projects for features they didn’t need.

The No Pricing Manifesto’s impact on Forest expansion within companies


A year later, we jokingly refer to the No Pricing Manifesto as the best decision we ever made at Forest!

Forest Admin

Stories from lumberjacks on a mission to build the best admin panel solution!

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Forest Admin

Stories from lumberjacks on a mission to build the best admin panel solution!