Introducing Forest Premium Features

Discover our premium features to take your admin to the next level

Louis Steenbrink
Sep 18, 2017 · 4 min read

Get everything your team need to be operational experts:

[New 🌲] Live query

Type live queries and get charts

The Live Query feature has been designed to provide you with a flexible, easy to use and accessible interface when hard questions need to be answered. Simply peek inside your database using our query editor and visualise your data graphically.

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[New 🌲]Summary view

Create your own view using drag & drop (no code required)

Go one step further in building THE back office tailored to your operational needs with the summary view. Visualize aggregated views of all the key/critical information of your business and increase your business team’s execution efficiency.

The summary view includes all the fields, related data and actions at a collection level so that you don’t have to switch between a different view to get to the same result.

Create your own customized view -using our seamless drag & drop Visual Builder- to visualize or manipulate your data more efficiently, no code required!

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[New 🌲] Conversation module

Empower your team to collaborate.

As your team grows, so does all the little things it takes for your operations to run smoothly. Assign teammates, leave notes, and communicate directly through Forest where all your data is. Keep your employees up to date by simplifying collaboration and provide consistency all across your office!

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Team-based Permissions

Control who has access to what

As an “admin”, you can create different teams.

Easily configure the interface of your teams to:

  • Give limited access to your employees or contractors.
  • Optimize the admin interface per business unit: success, support, sales or marketing teams.
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Go to your project settings → Teams → + New team.

Learn more about users, roles and permissions.

Activity Log

Don’t loose time finding where the problem was coming from

Serious business need accountability at every point. The activity log allows you to follow and search the trail of modifications on any item.

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Go to “Activity” right under the “Data” section to activate your Activity Log.

Multiple Dashboards

Unleash your team’s productivity

Having a single dashboard to manage all your KPIs can start getting messy as your team grow. Forest Pro offers a multiple dashboard feature to give your business a 360° view of the key information they need to make the best decision every day (e.g., visually distinguish between your weekly vs monthly metrics, acquisition vs retention, pipeline and revenue).

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Analytics per account

Give your team superpowers in customer care

Forest’s dashboard is handy when it comes to monitoring the overall KPIs. But you may find the analytics module useful for a more in-depth examination of a specific company, user or any other items.

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Smart views

Display your data in a way that makes sense for your business.

Whether you’re willing to visualise your bike messengers on a map, have a global overview of your sales rep agendas, or provide a moderation view to approve or reject comments, Smart Views lets you code your view using JS, HTML, and CSS. With the Smart Views feature, offer a second to none level of customisation to your employees and boost their productivity!

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Custom domain name & branding [Custom plan only]

Make yourself at home

To offer a fully immersive experience to your employees, customize your Forest interface with your brand color, logo and a custom domain name (e.g.

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We hope you’ll enjoy trying those new features. We’re excited to contribute to the growth of companies with more structured operations. Don’t worry, there will always be a way to stick with a free option to empower all the small projects with a powerful admin tool, from Day-1!

We have a bunch of cool premium features in the pipe which we’ll release in the following months, so brace yourself as there’s more to come…

Happy hacking.

Forest Admin

Stories from lumberjacks on a mission to build the best…

Thanks to Tancrede Le Merrer

Louis Steenbrink

Written by

🚀 Growth @ForestSaas 🌳 | Associate @eFounders, ex @CapgeminiConsul | Learn to code @Lewagonparis | love to kite and surf 🏄

Forest Admin

Stories from lumberjacks on a mission to build the best admin panel solution!

Louis Steenbrink

Written by

🚀 Growth @ForestSaas 🌳 | Associate @eFounders, ex @CapgeminiConsul | Learn to code @Lewagonparis | love to kite and surf 🏄

Forest Admin

Stories from lumberjacks on a mission to build the best admin panel solution!

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