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New Guild System, New Home-Town, New Hero Preview, and more!!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new guild system, which has been revamped to provide an enhanced experience for our players. With guild phase 2 we bring new features, improved visuals, and increased functionality, the guild system is now much more engaging and rewarding than before.

A New Guilds System!

Guild System

Guilds now have their own level, experience (exp), perks, maximum number of members, and quests. Guild quests are done collectively by the entire guild team, and all members contribute towards completing them. Only guild leaders can claim the rewards for these quests. Guild quests now grant guild exp and rewards for all guild members upon claiming by the guild leader.

One of the exciting additions is the guild leaderboard, which displays the guild ranking and members along with their perks. Guilds can now level up when enough guild exp is gained, and perks are passive bonuses that are given to all guild members. Perks increase with guild level and can include bonuses such as gold, exp, and runes.

In addition, the limit of guild members has been increased with guild levels. At level 1, the limit increases from 20 to 25 members, at level 5 it increases to 30 members, and at level 8 it increases again to accommodate even more members. This allows guilds to grow and expand their community.

One of the major improvements is that the guild panel and features now auto-update on their own, whether it’s from quests or the leaderboard. Everything is now live-synced, similar to the boss panel HP, providing real-time information and making the guild experience more dynamic and interactive.

For players who are not in a guild, we have also introduced a leaderboard system where you can easily apply to any guild that is not full, making it easier to find and join a guild that suits your playstyle and preferences.

Easter Event


Get ready for an epic Easter event that’s packed with exciting new features in Guild! Spanning over a thrilling two-week period, starting from 12:00 PM UTC on April 9th, this year’s event will be divided into two areas of gameplay that are sure to keep you on your toes.
Guild quests will challenge you and your guildmates to work together to complete quests and unlock valuable rewards that can be claimed
Guild Leaderboards will ignite your competitive spirit as you strive to claim a spot among the top guilds.

Introducing the New Town Theme!

As part of the update, we have also given our town a fresh new look with enhanced visual effects (VFX) that bring it to life like never before. The town has been completely overhauled with new art and VFX, providing a more immersive and visually appealing experience for our players.

We have removed the hero building and replaced it with a forge building, which offers new crafting options and customization opportunities. The heroes and forge buttons have been replaced with a quest button, making it more convenient and intuitive for players to navigate through the town.

The level chest, which was previously part of the town, has been moved to side buttons for easier access. This allows players to claim their rewards more efficiently and keeps the town interface clutter-free and streamlined.

Improved VFX for Hero Panel and Town

We have also made significant improvements to the hero panel, providing players with a more dynamic and engaging experience. Now, players can see their heroes moving and performing their idle animations in the hero panel, adding a sense of life and personality to the heroes.

Additionally, players can now preview the weapons and skins of their heroes when equipped, allowing them to see how their heroes will look in battle with different gear and skins. The hero icons have also been overhauled with new visuals and a splash animation system, making the hero panel more visually appealing and immersive.

Balancing Changes:

Paladin”s base Def from 130 to 160
Paladin’s base HP from 1300 to 1500

Thief’s base Def from 12 to 45
Thief’s base HP from 1000 to 1500

Ninja’s base HP from 1000 to 1250

PVE Balances:
Boss Def increased from 444 to 644

Wallet Connection

To ensure more transparency for the community around the NFT mints and withdrawal, we are removing the unlink button. After discussing with the team, we realized there is no real use case for the unlink button and only confused the players. But no worries, if you happen to lose your wallet or have no access anymore, the team is happy to assist you with the unlink, yet this should be a rare case.

Other Changes

The game now supports the Portuguese language and we will add Turkish next. The arena room panel is now scrollable, and the development team is working to fix the invisible room issue in the next hotfix.

Change Password from In-game and Website Redirect

To enhance account security, we have added the ability to change passwords from within the game. Players can now update their passwords directly from the in-game settings, providing a convenient and secure way to manage their account information. Additionally, players will be redirected to our website after changing their password for further account management

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