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Guilds are an important feature of every game. What does Forest Knight have in store for guilds? Guild Wars? Stashes? Find out more in this blog!

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It’s an exciting time for Forest Knight! We’re finally releasing guilds for our knights. Guilds and clans are an opportunity to join like-minded Knights and friends to share your journey in Chronville.

Guilds — What’s Now

Now, players can apply and invite other knights into their guilds. Guilds currently share their separate chat that you and your guildmates can use to discuss things privately. We know how important it is to have a private conversation with your mates, and guilds are the perfect opportunity to do just that.

To open the Guild panel, click on the “Guild” icon on the bottom left of the town screen.

Here, you can choose to create a guild, invite knights, or apply for a guild. Anyone can do it with a click of a button for a cost of 20,000 gold or 5,000 gems.

This version of guilds is straightforward, but we have much bigger plans for the future. Guilds are an incredible opportunity for us to expand on socialization while providing many entertaining and dynamic features for our knights.

Guilds — In the Future

Guilds are an exciting opportunity for everyone. We want to expand this feature with meaningful additions only! What does this mean? We’re going to release updates for guilds in phases. There will be multiple phases, all with core updates.

Guild Staking

For starters, we’ve already shared in our previous blog, Forest Knight — Staking and the Governance DAO, that guilds will play a vital role in staking.

One exciting feature we’re working on is staking for another Knight. Joining a guild means that other guildmates can stake tokens for you, earning guild-wide bonuses for everyone. This feature is a perfect opportunity for gaming guilds to join Forest Knight. Vote to get various buffs for your guildmates while holding full custody of your tokens and voting power. This further compounds the trifecta of socializing, governance, and staking. Voting actively as a guild will earn you various bonuses, VIP levels, and voting rewards.

Guild Wars

As with any game, guild wars will be a staple feature in Forest Knight. Guild leaders will choose the best fighters to participate in a series of battles. The fights will happen over a series of phases, and a final score will dictate the victor.

Guild wars will have guild-wide benefits and implications, making it an incredibly lucrative feature for knights to engage.

Guild Missions

Guild missions will be similar to expeditions but will also include more variety. These missions are guild-wide. To receive the rewards, knights have to do a minimum of steps.

Guild missions will be an exciting feature that players can engage in regularly to earn buffs, rewards, and items.

Guild Stash

A guild stash is a shared stash that you can use to share any virtual currency with other guild members. Use these to help the newer, less fortunate knights. A guild stash is a great place for the guild to band together and help accelerate their guildmate’s progress, bringing them up to speed for guild wars.

Depending on the feasibility, we would also like to test guild wallets that players can use to share virtual items and NFTs with their teammates. Ultimately, this would make guilds invaluable because knights would be able to receive resources and items for their journey in Chronville.

Guilds are a core feature of the game. We want our players to socialize, join each other in guild wars, and share items. The current version will allow players to join guilds and chat with guildmates. The future phases will make guilds more engaging, dynamic, and exciting. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store, and we hope you enjoy guilds as much as we do.

Do you have anything else in mind for guilds? Let us know in the Discord “suggestion” channel! We read everything there.

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