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Forest Knight Easter Event 2022 Recap

To a wonderful event Easter Event! Knights helping rescue bunnies and recovering precious eggs. Find out all about it here and the exclusive NFTs they just earned!

Forest Knight Easter Event 2022 Recap
NFTs, eggs, bunnies: PvP and PvE! What more could you want?

Greetings, honorable Knights! We’re past eggs and bunnies now, and we do hope you enjoyed this event as much as we did hosting it. This article is a recap of what happened during the event and what the rewards are.

Event Duration & Details

The event started on the 17th of April (Sunday), 12:00 UTC.
It lasted a week, ending on the 24th of April (Sunday), 12:00 UTC.

The Easter Event consisted of two different events going on at the same time. Players could expect to fight in the adventure mode, and go toe-to-toe against other players in hopes of finding the chests which contained the treasure.

  • PvE (Adventure Mode)— Where knights could rescue the bunnies from the hands of the dirty Skeleton Master’s army.
  • PvP (The Arena) — Where knights would find magical eggs in their arena treasure chests.
Forest Knight — Easter Event 2022 — Leaderboards
The two different categories for the Forest Knight 2022 Easter Event

Knights would have to engage in both activities to participate in the prize pool!

How did knights participate? By delivering the eggs and bunnies in the portal located in Chronville.

What happens with the eggs and bunnies? We don’t know. Some say the world on the other side is growing its armies of sentient bunnies.

Prize Pool

By delivering both eggs and bunnies to the portal in Chronville, knights would enter the event leaderboards. The leaderboard would refresh with each new submission, and Knights would see their current standings immediately after delivery.

The leaderboards were separated into two categories and depending on what NFT you wanted, you could try ranking exclusively for one of the categories while doing the bare minimum on the other.

PvE — Rescue the Fluffy Rabbits!

During adventure mode battles, knights could find bunnies from random monsters. These dropped at a rate of 1 per monster, and the knight’s goal was to collect as many of these as they could. Each bunny netted a certain amount of points according to their rarity.

knights could expect to find three kinds of bunnies:

  • Bronze — worth 1 point
  • Silver — worth 2 points
  • Gold — worth 3 points

There were three possible NFT rewards you could earn depending on how many bunnies you rescued:

Bow of Mystery — Ranks 1–10 — Weaken the enemy, lowering its attack by 200 — Equipped by Liluth, the Elf Archer.

Rabbit’s Wrath — Ranks 11–50 — Increase your skill damage by 150 — Equipped by Medeia, the Witch.

Eggsmasher — Ranks 51–200 — Weaken the enemy, lowering its attack by 200 — Equipped by Garek, the Raider.

PvP — Eggs, Eggs, Eggs. Find the precious eggs!

Opening an arena chest would give knights the chance to find a treasured egg inside. Drop rates would entirely depend on the chest’s quality.

Each egg will net you a certain amount of points, and the higher the rarity, the more points you will receive.

There were three kinds of eggs found in the Arena chests:

  • Chronville Maple Bark — 10 points
  • Teodania Ivy — 20 points
  • Crystalis Wisteria — 30 points

There were three possible NFT rewards you could earn depending on how many eggs you delivered:

Necklace of Trineggs — Ranks 1–10 — No special abilities. It provides a considerable amount of stats and can be equipped by all heroes.

Golden Slicer — Ranks 11–50 — Increase your skill damage by 200 — Equipped by Freya, the Assassin.

Nest of Arcos — Ranks 51–200 — Increase your skill damage by 150 — Equipped by Daeron, the Priest.

The rewards have already been sent out.

Enjoy your hard-earned NFTs!

A Happy Easter Ending

To recap: this was a wonderful event. We would like to thank everyone who participated, rescued the bunnies, and brought the eggs back home.

Forest Knight will have more exciting events in the future with exclusive NFTs as rewards! All we need are our knights to join us in the quest.

About Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game where you assemble teams of heroes, equip them with uniquely designed and powerful NFTs to ultimately defeat the Skeleton Master, and climb the leaderboards against other players!

Sometimes players do know best, and we understand that. We want to make every one of you count. Come join our game, and see what Forest Knight has to offer in Early Access!

If you haven’t already, you can join our Telegram group, Telegram Announcement Channel, and Discord community. Follow us on social media, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Stay up to date with what we’re doing!

See you on the battlefield!

Forest Knight Team.




Forest Knight is a Turn Based Strategy Game Powered by NFTs & $KNIGHT for mobile

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