Forest Knight INO Announcement & Gamrey’s Treasures Chests

The first-generation Polygon NFTs are hitting the OpenSea Marketplace! Find out more about Gamrey’s Treasures in this INO announcement.

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Forest Knight — Gamrey’s Deep and Gamrey’s Treasures
Forest Knight — Gamrey’s Deep and Gamrey’s Treasures

Welcome to the Forest Knight — Gamrey’s Deep expansion Initial NFT Offering. The NFTs are minted on the Polygon framework and are limited edition and exclusive only to this INO. This event is part of our Gamrey’s Deep expansion and we’re very happy to provide you with a full list of the data and information about the game economy! As part of this INO, we’ve set up a reward of 50,000 KNIGHT for the offering participants!!! So let’s jump into it!

What is the Initial NFT Offering about?

Knights participating in the INO will be the first to experience the exclusive Polygon NFTs in-game. This is an opportunity to try out just how powerful these items are, and how much more diversity they bring to the game. The NFTs will kickstart for sale on the OpenSea market on 19.01.2022. We are excited to have the biggest NFT marketplace in the world as a key partner for Forest Knight! Read more about this partnership here.

Forest Knight’s current situation with NFTs is a relic from our old platform, Ethereum. As it stands the technology imposed is not accessible and the high gas fees prevent cost-effective trading. But don’t worry about the in-game NFTs that are not on wallets yet, we have a plan for that as well and we’ll be sharing it soon. The Polygon NFTs are going to be the first step into transforming Forest Knight into the Play2Own & Play2Earn game the team aims for.

Why participate in the INO?

The Gamrey Treasure NFTs are 100% exclusive and can only be found within these chests and nowhere else in the game. These items are part of the new in-game economy design to ensure the longevity of the game as well as the value of these limited edition NFTs through a deflationary supply model.

The points below refer to our first NFT blind box sale, which will include 25 NFTs!

These 25 NFT types are in the following rarities:

  • Mythic: 1 item
  • Legendary: 4 items
  • Epic: 7 items
  • Rare: 9 items
  • Uncommon Items: 4 items

Max Supply per rarity (mints per category):

  • Mythic: 10 mints per category
  • Legendary: 100 mpc
  • Epic: 200 mpc
  • Rare: 500 mpc
  • Uncommon: 10,000 mpc

50K $KNIGHT reward for participants

INO Rewards — 50k KNIGHT total!

We are happy to announce 50K $KNIGHT in total reserved as rewards for the participants who manage to find the mystic items in the chests.

As part of this partnership, we want to give our players more incentives to participate in the treasure hunt. Any player that finds a Mythic NFT is eligible to win a 5000 KNIGHT reward in a total of 50,000 $KNIGHT.

Treasure Chests — Data

Gamrey’s Treasures — All the chests
Forest Knight — All of Gamrey’s Treasures

There will be 3 treasure chests, sorted out with rarities and each with its unique perks. Each chest will contain a set number of NFTs, a minimum rarity drop, a drop table chance, etc. Read more about them below.

Long story short, the Skeleton Master’s invasion called for allied help. The king of Tildwell ordered his finest mages, smiths, and tailors to create the most powerful items known to man. And so came Gamrey’s Treasures.

Inside them, you will find items with powers beyond imagination. Swords that can cut through flesh and bone like paper, staves that wield unimaginable powers, impenetrable shields, and so much more.

The items will be found inside three chests.

The 1st of these treasures are Tildwell’s Discoveries.

The 2nd treasures are The Splendors of Gamrey’s Shells.

And the final treasures are The Miracles of Gamrey Deep.

Below is a full list of data for all of them.

Tildwell’s Discoveries

Forest Knight — Tildwell’s Discoveries Chest
Tildwell’s Discoveries Chest

Chest Amount: 3000 Chests
NFTs Total: 3000 NFTs
Price: $19.99
Minimum Drop Rarity: Uncommon

Guaranteed Item Pool:

  • 1 Mythic
  • 60 Legendary
  • 210 Epic
  • 1350 Rare
  • 1379 Uncommon,

Drop Rate:

  • 0.1% Mythic
  • 2% Legendary
  • 7% Epic
  • 45% Rare
  • 45.9% Uncommon
Forest Knight — Tildwell’s Discoveries — Guaranteed Item Pool
Tildwell’s Discoveries — Guaranteed Item Pool

The Splendors of Gamrey’s Shells

Forest Knight — The Splendors of Gamrey’s Shells Chest
The Splendors of Gamrey’s Shells Chest

Chest Amount: 2000 chests
NFTs Total: 2000 items
Price: $49.99
Minimum Drop Rarity: Rare
Guaranteed Item Pool:

  • 3 Mythic
  • 140 Legendary
  • 420 Epic
  • 1437 Rare

Drop Rate:

  • 0.2% Mythic
  • 7% Legendary
  • 21% Epic
  • 71.8% Rare
Forest Knight — The Splendors of Gamrey’s Shell — Guaranteed Item Pool
The Splendors of Gamrey’s Shell — Guaranteed Item Pool

The Miracles of Gamrey Deep

Forest Knight — The Miracles of Gamrey Deep
The Miracles of Gamrey Deep

Drops 2 items per chest!!!

Chest Amount: 1000 chests
NFTs Total: 2000 items
Price: $99.99
Minimum Drop Rarity: Rare
Guaranteed Item Pool:

  • 6 Mythic
  • 200 Legendary
  • 770 Epic
  • 1024 Rare

Drop rate:

  • 0.3% Mythic
  • 10% Legendary
  • 38.5% Epic
  • 51.2% Rare
Forest Knight — The Miracles of Gamrey’s Deep — Guaranteed Item Pool
The Miracles of Gamrey’s Deep — Guaranteed Item Pool

Forest Knight x OpenSea

Forest Knight and OpenSea — Strategic Partnership
Forest Knight and OpenSea — Strategic Partnership

We are hosting the INO on OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace in the world! We’re very excited to allow Knights to trade in a low-fee, lightning-quick platform, while also allowing ourselves to introduce the game to new players. OpenSea’s scalability and features will further empower the Forest Knight gaming and trading experience!

The Polygon NFTs are all beautifully designed. Each item has been given attention and time, from uncommon to mythic every item is distinctive and incomparable.

Some of you might ask, “Why not host them on your very own marketplace?”

We have many important features that we want to add to the game. The marketplace is one of those core features. Leveraging OpenSea’s amazing platform for our first collection of Polygon NFTs doesn’t take anything away from our marketplace. It helps it in the future by bringing more eyes to the platform. We are sure that this is a step in the right direction and we are looking for a long-term partnership with OpenSea for key NFT events.

But what are Gamrey’s Treasures?

Gamrey’s Treasures are part of the first Forest Knight expansion. This INO will kickstart everything and we’ll be announcing more about the event in the following week. This event will contain the most unique NFTs known to the realms and we are looking to reward our players with these sea-themed items through various game activities, such as the adventure mode, the arena, world boss, etc.

We are very excited to be able to show off our NFT collection which we’ve been working so hard on for the past year. Gamrey’s Treasures is just the beginning of everything. Stay tuned for more!

About Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game where you assemble teams of heroes, equip them with uniquely designed and powerful NFTs to defeat the Skeleton Master, duel against other players in the arena, and fight bosses all while climbing the leaderboards!

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If you don’t own an Android phone, you can still play Forest Knight on PC using this tutorial!

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Forest Knight team.



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