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April is known for its fools. However, at Forest Knight, we experienced an exciting month filled with thrilling events & updates

In early April, the 4th Mystery Hero Cup was a hit, and now the latest patch has brought exciting updates to the Guilds System. Guild levels, experience, perks, quests, and leaderboard were all introduced. A new town theme and the Easter Guild Event added to the excitement with thrilling challenges and rewards that brought players together for two exciting weeks.

Wukong’s Hero Cup

In early April, we hosted our 4th Mystery Hero Cup, a thrilling event that featured a range of exciting prizes for the winners. Among the top prizes were Rare NFTs, which added an extra layer of excitement to the competition. In addition, all-round 2 qualifiers received a Transfer Potion, which added even more value to the event. Overall, the 4th Mystery Hero Cup was a resounding success, and we look forward to hosting more exciting events like this in the future.

New Guild System and Town Theme-Patch

In the latest update to the Guilds System, several new features were introduced, including guild levels, experience, perks, quests, and a leaderboard that displayed guild ranking and member perks. The maximum number of guild members was also increased as the guild leveled up. An Easter event was held for two weeks, which included guild quests and leaderboards. The update also featured a new town theme with improved visual effects, and the hero panel was overhauled. Balancing changes were made to the Paladin, Thief, Ninja, and Boss Def.

Also added support for the Portuguese language, and a change password feature was added to enhance account security. The unlink button was removed to ensure more transparency around NFT mints and withdrawals. Additionally, the arena room panel became scrollable, and the development team worked to fix the invisible room issue in the next hotfix.

Easter Guild Event

The Easter Guild Event was an exciting two-week period full of new challenges and rewards for players. Divided into two areas of gameplay, guild quests brought players together to work collectively and unlock valuable rewards, while the guild leaderboard ignited the competitive spirit among guilds as they battled for a top spot. The event was packed with thrilling features, keeping players on their toes throughout. Overall, the Easter event provided a fun and engaging experience for Guild players, and it was a great opportunity to earn new rewards and collaborate with fellow guildmates.

Exploring Japanese market

We’re excited to be partnering with Sakaba and look forward to the new opportunities in all markets. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements in the coming weeks as we continue to make the game even more exciting for our players!

About Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a tactical mobile RPG where you assemble teams of heroes, equip them with uniquely designed and powerful NFTs to defeat the Skeleton Master, and climb the leaderboards against other knights!

Sometimes knights do know best, and we understand that. We want to make every one of you count. Come and join our game! See what Forest Knight offers in Early Access!

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