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Pumpkin Pies and Skins in Spooky Season

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Oct 28 · 4 min read

Let the “Pumpkin Games” Begin

The Pumpkin Pie PVP Event

Arena Chests are overflowing with pumpkins. The better the chest the higher the drop rate. Your task is to participate in PvP fights, earn and unlock these chests to find the pumpkins inside them.

What do I do with them?” you might ask.

Go to the Spooky Portal and deliver the pumpkins to the town’s chef by pressing the “Submit” button. Help him make a delicious pumpkin pie. and earn standings on the leaderboards.

Rewards will be Exclusive NFT skins for the Top 200 players!

The higher the rank, the rarer the NFT.

Part 2: Spot the Pumpkins!

We will choose 10 random winners daily from a pool of people who found all the pumpkins. This would total 30 winners throughout the entire 3-day event. Every winner will receive 10 $KNIGHT Tokens! See if you can spot all of them!

The Exclusive NFT rewards for the PVP event

Rank 01 -10: 🟧

Rank 11 -50: 🔺

Rank 51–200: ⚪

Limited Edition Thief skins

Gameplay Updates

Merging System Improvements

Arena Event — New Ideas

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