Forest Knight Winter Sale: Announcement

The first sale of unique Forest Knight items is coming soon. Don’t miss out, these items will be extremely rare and powerful.

Winter is not only coming to Westeros.

In Chronville the first snowflakes are falling and the vegetation is changing. This is a big opportunity for the Kingdom to gather its resources and prepare for the battles to come.

The king is sending a brave expedition of knights to the Ice World to fight monsters and get exclusive loot. The most valuable loot is always in the mystery chests dropped by Blue Dragons.

The loot that comes from those chests is highly regarded throughout the realm due to its scarcity and power.

What are Winter Chests?

They are mystery chests which contain 1 out of 12 exclusive Items backed by Enjin. Each item will have a special winter theme and can never be recreated.

As every citizen of Chronville knows, every expedition is unique. The value and scarcity of these items is preserved forever. The loot from each expedition is going to get announced every day when the expedition’s knights send word to the kingdom until they return and the Winter Chest loot is all distributed.

Additionally, the chest itself is going to be a token backed by 1 Enjin. Since these chests are so rare, the nobles of Chronville would pay well for them in the off season. That means you also going to receive perpetual rewards for owning this mystery Chest when Forest Knight is launched.

The chests are going to cost $25 USD each and you can get them at

When can you get them?

The Expedition is a difficult and dangerous journey.

The Expedition Knights are going to be back at 10th of January and you can purchase the chest from 15:00 Pacific Time. You can pay Crypto and Fiat.

Ice Sword : Community Milestone Reward

Where does the Money Go?

Chrono Games is thankful for the support and is going to be as transparent as possible to let the community be part of this journey.

We are on a mission to create a massive launch for Forest Knight and bring Enjin to the mainstream.

There are still challenges for us to overcome and every bit of help counts.

You can find on the website, how the money is going to be used and what will be the next step once a milestone is reached.

By reaching every milestone reached we are going to add 50,000 ENJ added to the in-game reward pool. Which mean, if we achieve all milestones you will be able to find up to 500,000 ENJ backed in items at the time of launch!

Also, to show our gratitude for honorable knights who support the kingdom, once a milestone is reached, all participants of the Winter Sale get rewarded as follow:

250 chests = Dagger of Brotherhood

500 Chest = Ice Sword

1000 Chests= Ancient Bone Bow

2000 Chests= Elder Staff

3000 Chests = Shard Sword

5000 Chests = Emperor’s Vicious Axt

Discord Community Contest:

We are proud to announce our own Discord Server.

We are going to have regular contests for the community in Discord where the community can actively shape the game with us.

Celebrating the Winter Sale we are going to gift 5 Winter Chests to 5 lucky winners.

So join our Discord and win big!

Also Sir Gob-Gob, the honorable Goblin knight who is going to open all Winter Chests, will do it there. You don’t want to miss it.

The Honorable Goblin Knight : Sir Gob-Gob

When is the launch of Forest Knight?

Hopefully, with your support, Forest Knight can enter public early access in Q1 2019. However, we will push back to early Q2 2019 if we feel there is a need for it. A wise man once said, “a delayed game can be amazing but a rushed game will be always bad.”

We truly believe that Forest Knight will be a big step to mass adoption and will set a new standard for blockchain gaming.

Thank you for believing in us.