Gamrey’s Treasure — Lore

Forest Knight’s Gamrey’s Treasure story and how the most powerful weapons known to the realms came to be.

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Gamrey’s Treasures Lore — Forest Knight Polygon 1st Gen NFTs
Gamrey’s Treasures — Three Chests and their story

There’s life under the sea. Deep inside the ocean monsters lurk and hunt in an inhospitable place. They call this place Gamrey’s Deep. It is home to Tildwell, a city brimming with life — contrary to its surroundings! Its walls clanking from hammers striking anvils. They are tending to the most powerful steel known to man. You can hear the whispers bending arcana inside the items. They are preparing gifts, weapons, and armor made from the strongest metal and infused with magic to aid our noble Knights in the fight against the Skeleton Master.

But what is Gamrey’s treasure?

Gamrey’s treasure is one of the first Forest Knight expansions. The sea-themed event will revolve around 3 legendary treasure chests that all contain unique and incredibly powerful NFTs. Knights will purchase these chests and will have the chance of acquiring some of the most special NFTs that the realms offer.

Forest Knight — Gamrey’s Treasures Teaser Trailer

Expansion Lore

Gamrey Deep. A large underwater area and home to strange creatures. Surrounded by the vastness of nothing, it lies in uncharted territory. What we have read about in the scriptures is the capital of Tildwell. Renowned for its talented and tireless smiths, the towering fortress defended by intricate traps and carved with beautiful ornaments is a testament to their skill.

The sound of hammers striking anvils permeates Tildwell, smithing and bending powerful items and imbuing them with unknown magic. For its citizens need the most refined of steel and the strongest of magic. Gamrey is a place surrounded by monsters and not as hospitable as the walls of Tildwell. The people are in constant fear of the relentless attacks. Day and night, they swoop down like vultures. They speak of the infamous “Order of the Cataclysm”, a group of powerful monsters led by Nefret, a giant siren dwelling in the sea, chanting her melodies. They say her weapon is worthy only for those who can listen to her songs and not drown.

Having heard about the Skeleton Master’s return, the King of Tildwell mustered his finest warriors and smiths to help the Knights of Chronville. It was a favor he had to return. The knights had saved the king in the battle of Elid and he felt indebted to them.

Forest Knight — Tildwell’s Discoveries — NFT Polygon
Forest Knight — Tildwell’s Discoveries — NFT Polygon
Tildwell’s Discoveries — A gift from the Princess

The first chest was called “Tildwell’s Discoveries”. These were gifted by the king’s fair daughter. She had friends who had barely escaped the wrath of the Skeleton Master, and she felt compelled to offer what she could. Wrapping supplies scavenged from the depths of the underwater and whispering magic to them, she offered thousands of treasures as an aid to the Knights of Chronville.

Forest Knight The Splendors of Gamrey’s Shells — NFT Polygon
Forest Knight The Splendors of Gamrey’s Shells — NFT Polygon
The Splendors of Gamrey’s Shells — A gift from the Prince

The second chest was called “The Splendors of Gamrey’s Shells”. These were gifted by the king’s hearty son. A brilliant commander that has led plenty of successful battlefronts. His deeds had been songs for almost a decade now, and he sent the sharpest armor and sword, alloys carved in the hot forges of Tildwell to help slice through the Master and his minions. Refined steel, sharp swords, and magical artifacts lay inside these treasures, ready for the Knights of Chronville to open them.

Forest Knight The Miracles of Gamrey Deep — NFT Polygon
Forest Knight The Miracles of Gamrey Deep — NFT Polygon
The Miracles of Gamrey Deep — A gift from legends long gone

The third chest was called “The Miracles of Gamrey Deep”. A gift from times passed. The first of the smiths had carved these. A gift to Chronville long ago, When the King was still a child and his father set sail to other realms. They say that a violent storm raised the seabed, sailors spoke of a beautiful voice. Could it have been Nefret? Whatever it was, the ship sunk and the treasures were lost until now. Legends say that whoever owns these items will have tasted powers beyond measure.

Surely, with their aid, the Knights of Chronville will defeat the Skeleton Master. There’s plenty written about the brave deeds that the men and women of Gamrey Deep have accomplished. The ancient scriptures are all proof of it. They mention the deeds of Elya, the princess of Gamrey Deep, known as a mighty healer and a powerful sorceress. The legends of The Great Famlur, commander of the warriors of Tildwell, who lead the storm against Tyren. We could say a lot about the citizens of Gamrey. Brave, elusive, and covert would be just right.

Gamrey’s Deep holds treasure beyond belief, and its mysteries have been kept secret for centuries.

Will you be the one to discover them?

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