Happy New Year — Chinese New Year Update

We are happy to announce some new EXTREMELY rare Chinese New Year-themed Forest Knight assets — Only available to our pre-sale supporters!

The Forest Knights traveled long and far through the winter storm, overcoming treacherous mountains, rivers & valleys. Setting up camp along the way in bitterly cold conditions with little to eat & no sense of hope.

Throughout the journey, the Forest Knights encountered many enemies…. Winter Trolls, Snow Goblins & more. Each time overcoming the odds and defeating them one by one.

After climbing one of the steepest mountains, they came across a cave that was bright with fire, the Forest Knights could feel the heat from afar, so decided to head in to seek shelter. What they didn’t know was exactly where this heat was coming from…..

Nearing the end of the tunnel the tired Forest Knights could hear heavy breathing and see smoke starting to drift out of the end cavern. Bravely they entered, to discover a gigantic sleeping dragon! The Dragon was over 40 feet long! Fire Red in colour, with gold scales running down its wings! Then suddenly the Dragon awoke! Breathing fire at the Knights, who using their shield, managed to avoid being incinerated.

After a lengthy battle with the Dragon, The Knights discovered some Epic, Legendary & mystic items had been left behind! 2 New Outfit Skins, 2 Weapons & 1 Shield… 1 of which was mystic, and the rarest thing the knights had set eyes upon in a long time!

Some say the dragon only shows up once every 100 years! So the items dropped are some of the rarest in the lands of Chronville!

To Celebrate the Chinese New Year, we are adding 5 new items to the Winter Chest Sales! 2 Entirely new skins, & 3 exclusive weapons. Various rarities all the way from Rare to Mystic! These items will be minted on a limited basis, and never be minted again.

Lunar Inventory

There are 5 new items in total entering Chronville. The Lunar item set is going to contain exclusive items to celebrate the new year 2019 and also are going to be the first ever Items with english and mandarin description in honour of our chinese community all around the globe! The Lunar Items are going to have slightly lower Drop Rate as their counter parts with the same rarity and going to have a slightly lower Supply count.

Lunar Knight (Epic)

The Lunar Knight skin is a epic tier skin for the main protagonist of the game, the Forest Knight. This skin is said to have been forged by the very fire the Lunar Dragon breathes.

Lunar Priest (Epic)

The Lunar Priest Skin is a epic tier skin for the Priest of Chronville. It is believed that the robes he wears, are made using the Lunar dragons Skin. Only the bravest of Priests can wear this.

Get Your Lunar Skins NOW

Lunar Daggers (Rare)

The Lunar Daggers are a set of rare tier weapons. The blade of the weapon stained black from all the dragon ashes. The whispers around Chronville say of a myth that the wielder of this dagger can control the Lunar Dragon to do their bidding.

Lunar Sword (Legendary)

The Lunar sword is a legendary tier weapon. The blade of the weapon stained black from all the dragon ashes. Tales from lands afar say that if you slay a person using this sword, their soul becomes trapped in the sword forever.

Lunar Shield (Mystic)

The Lunar shield is a Mystic tier shield. The Lunar shield is revered & Sought after all over Chronville. It is a sign of both wealth & Good luck. The wearer of this shield blocks out any bad omens or spirits. (Oink Oink)


By purchasing these rare on-time-only items you will help us achieve the following monetization goals which we will use for development and marketing of Forest Knight, with the ultimate goal of promoting the Enjin ecosystem.

With reaching every milestone we unlock community rewards which will be granted to all supporters and participants of Winter Sale no matter when they joined.

We already reached our first first milestone which is going to grant all participants at the end of Winter Sale the Dagger of Brotherhood and already knocking at the next Milestone!

Goals and Milestones

Thank you so much for beeing part of this journey and supporting Forest Knight. Stay tuned for more updates about the game very soon.