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So many things in June! Guilds, the beach festival 2022 summer event, staking, etc. Find out more in this Forest Knight June Recap!

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5 min readJul 5, 2022


June has been a busy month for Forest Knight. A new event, guild system, ranking rewards, sneak peeks of the profile system, and much more.

We’re excited to share what we left behind in June and what the upcoming month has in store.

A message from the CEO

Last month our CEO delivered a letter to all our knights, who unfortunately felt the crypto bear market. The current events around the whole crypto space caught many people off guard. The entire crypto market is in a bad state, with billions of dollars lost, fear-mongering, and people losing their savings. Given the current market conditions, every project or token was affected, and unfortunately, so were Forest Knight and the $KNIGHT token.

Forest Knight is in a great position to thrive. Note that we’re launching an Intelectual Property (IP) for the brand’s longevity. An entire world of stories, lore, unique character designs, voiceovers, and much more. The game will make it through this bear market. The upcoming updates will reveal months of hard work, and we’re sure they will change the game’s course forever.

Read the entire letter here:

Beach Festival 2022 Summer Event

Another exciting event for Forest Knight! What do we have in store for our lovely Knights? Exclusive NFT skins for the witch, raider, and archer. Join this event and gather shells and coconut drinks for the mysterious man behind the Chronville portal.

The event will be open until the 30th of July. Knights can expect to find shells during their adventure mode battles and coconut drinks inside the arena chests. The two categories offer different rewards for knights who want to pick one prize pool.

Find the list of rewards in the blog below:

Season Zero Rank Rewards

Players who participated in season zero can expect to earn hefty rewards in the upcoming weeks, and there’s still time to rank up the leaderboards.

For the top 3 knights, we have the Essence of Arcanir. This powerful staff, equipped by the Priest, gives the wielder 15 mana on hit.

The top 10 ranks will receive the Tide Crusher — a legendary hammer smithed for the Raider. Its attacks give the wielder 15 mana on hit.

And finally, the top 100 ranks will receive Krullog. This powerful staff made for the Witch gives 100 Rage to the wielder.

Besides the exclusive NFTs, we’re also giving away many resources. Read the blog below to find the complete list:

Staking and the DAO Government

Last month we announced an update for our staking program. Forest Knight will be building its staking program. The staking system is one way we want to add utility to our holders.

Our stance in the original announcement was clear: we don’t want holders to take “second place” and encourage a system of whales that switch between projects, buying and staking their tokens while not actively participating in the game. We want our knights to actively participate in this process, express their opinions, and help shape the game.

We decided that investing in Forest Knight won’t be a passive income model since we want to encourage an active voting system. Simply locking a single $KNIGHT is sufficient to get you voting rights. There are many more exciting features with the DAO, and we hope our players see the potential this feature unlocks for the game’s future.

Introduction to Guilds

Guilds are a core feature in Forest Knight, and their addition in June did a number for our knights. We emphasize socialization and gameplay that offer a unique journey to our players. Our current version of guilds is barebone, offering a guild chat where players can communicate with other guildmates.

The guild system is enhanced through the many upcoming features we have in store. We’re releasing updates for the guild system in phases. Guild stashes, wars, missions, and much more.

Guild Stash

A shared stash called a guild stash is where guild members can exchange any virtual resources. Use these to aid the more recent and unfortunate knights. A guild stash is an excellent spot for the guild to come together and help the advancement of their fellow members, getting them ready for guild battles.

Guild Wars

Guild wars are a staple in all guild-related games. The strongest knights are selected by guild leaders to take part in a series of battles. The battles will take place over several rounds, with the winner determined by the final score. Guild fights will have effects on the entire guild, making it a very profitable feature for knights to participate in.

Guild Missions

Expedition-like guild missions will also have a greater variety than regular expeditions will. Knights must complete a minimum number of steps to be eligible for the prizes and buffs.

There are more things we want to add to the guild system, and we’re very excited to share everything with you in the upcoming months.

Devs vs. Players 2

The Devs vs. Players 2 was an opportunity for players to communicate directly with our CEO, Behfar, and Community Manager, Alex. Players asked many questions, and many suggestions were addressed.

During the event, we also hosted several giveaways, namely three coupon codes for three transfer potions, and a secret code for our Gleam giveaway campaign.

A June Goodbye

Thanks for catching up with Forest Knight in June. We have much more in store for the following months. The code refactoring is nearing, marketplace announcements, NFT profile systems, and so much more. It’s an exciting time for everyone here!

About Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a tactical RPG game where you assemble teams of heroes, equip them with uniquely designed and powerful NFTs to defeat the Skeleton Master, and climb the leaderboards against other knights!

Sometimes knights do know best, and we understand that. We want to make every one of you count. Come and join our game! See what Forest Knight offers in Early Access!

If you haven’t already, you can join our Telegram group, Telegram Announcement Channel, and Discord community. Follow us on social media, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

See you on the battlefield!

Forest Knight Team.



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