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Full UI/UX Remake, Halloween Event, New Skins, New Weapons, and more!!

The season of spookiness is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a brand-new game patch? We’re thrilled to introduce Patch, a major update that brings a fresh look to the UI/UX and adds a touch of Halloween magic to your gaming experience. In this blog, we’ll dive into the exciting changes and additions that this patch has in store for all of you.

New UI/UX: A Fresh Look and Feel

One of the most noticeable improvements in Patch is the revamped user interface and user experience. We understand the importance of a clean and intuitive interface, and our team has been hard at work to enhance it.

The new UI/UX introduces a sleek and modern design, making navigation through menus and options smoother than ever. Players will now find it easier to access their in-game inventory, customize their Formation, and manage their settings. This user-friendly update is designed to enhance the overall gaming experience, helping you focus on what matters most — playing the game.

Halloween Theme: A Spooky Transformation

With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve transformed the in-game world into a spine-tingling, ghostly Halloween wonderland. The new Halloween theme brings a unique and eerie ambiance to the game, setting the stage for thrilling gameplay.

New Skins: Dress Up for the Occasion

What’s Halloween without dressing up? Patch brings a selection of new skins with spooktacular fashion with Livia & Priest

New Weapons: Arm Yourself for Battle

In addition to the Halloween skins, this update also introduces new weapons to the game. Each weapon is intricately designed to fit the Halloween theme, offering a thrilling and distinctive feel to your gameplay.

From Paladin Shield & Theif Daggers & ELF Archer Bow to enchanted Witch Staff, these weapons not only pack a punch but also add a spooky flair to your arsenal. As you battle your way through in-game challenges, these new weapons will give you an edge while keeping the Halloween spirit alive.

New BattleField: The Halloween Spirit

But that’s not all! Patch introduces a brand-new battlefield designed to amplify the Halloween excitement. This battlefield is unlike any you’ve seen before, with intricately crafted Halloween-inspired environments and challenges that will keep your heart pounding. Battle alongside or against your fellow gamers

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