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Pre-Season Game Updates and Scalability

With the addition of so many new Knights, we’re ensuring that the game stays in line with our vision. Find out how we’re making this happen!

Forest Knight Pre-Season Status Update March
Pre-season is a time for Forest Knight to test out everything!

Forest Knight is going through some massive changes. In just the last year, we’ve seen several features added — achievements, a VIP system, a few events, arena improvements, and so much more! We’re glad to see the continuous support from everyone. Our knights have shown nothing but assistance for us and the game!

Forest Knight started as a passion project — a one-man-team show. The enthusiasm of our CEO, Behfar, powered through everything. However, one person can only do so much. Forest Knight has grown past that phase. It’s so much bigger than just him now — the game is for everyone! With the addition of new developers, we’ve seen everything grow bigger and much quicker than anyone anticipated. During the pre-season launch, we intended to improve a few features, add the Easter event, and see how things panned out from there. But with the influx of new players, the game started showing its cracks. “Outdated” code was beginning to stress under the weight of more than a hundred thousand players.

After a few discussions with our developers, our community, and our team of excellent moderators, we are going to extend the Gamrey Deep pre-season! We want more feedback from our Knights, and we want to add additional features to the core Gameplay and PvP. We initially wanted pre-season to last a month, during this time we would address a few things regarding the arena, a few bugfixes here or there, and Bob’s your uncle.

This was, what you call in the industry, a bit of wishful thinking. The game needs a few changes before we proceed with the full launch.

Why did the straw break the camel’s back?

Here’s the secret:
The million other straws underneath it.

The game is performing well enough at this point, but we’re seeing its growing potential outmatch our expectations by the day. The expected influx of players is massive. More and more Knights are joining every day and this is what we’re preparing for. What we can’t possibly allow is the game to break a year further down the line due to a lack of preventive maintenance (the best kind of maintenance). We would love to launch the Gamrey Deep season tomorrow because we know that’s what the players want, and that’s what we want. This WILL happen! Gamrey Deep’s full-season launch is coming but we want to make sure everything is in line with our vision first. This means stress-testing the game as much as possible before moving to the official season.

To quote:
A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”

Thank you for your patience and your feedback. Every constructive comment is highly appreciated, and we go through them all. We hope everyone is doing well with their egg hunt and their rabbit rescue missions. There are less than two days left before the 2022 Forest Knight Easter event ends, so make sure you deliver both eggs and rabbits to earn some exclusive and powerful NFTs! There will be more events coming soon so stay tuned.

About Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game where you assemble teams of heroes, equip them with uniquely designed and powerful NFTs to ultimately defeat the Skeleton Master, and climb the leaderboards against other players!

Sometimes players do know best, and we understand that. We want to make every one of you count. Come join our game, and see what Forest Knight has to offer in Early Access!

If you haven’t already, you can join our Telegram group, Telegram Announcement Channel, Discord community, or our social media, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to stay up to date with what we’re doing.

See you on the battlefield!

Forest Knight Team.




Forest Knight is a Turn Based Strategy Game Powered by NFTs & $KNIGHT for mobile

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