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Our Commitment to Diverse Hiring

While many factors determine the success of a team and company, Forest Park recognizes that diversity ranks at the top of the list — particularly as we strive to overcome complex issues in the syndicated loan space.

Difficult and deep-seated problems such as these require varied and innovative thinking. At Forest Park, we believe that the more diverse the group, the more viewpoints are provided, enabling us to best resolve the complex problems that we address. In fact, the success of our company would be impossible without such diversity.

In contrast, the FinTech field overall tends to be dominated by white, middle-aged men. Forest Park recognizes that such one-notedness is a disservice to employees, companies, clients, and the industry overall. Innovation, creation, and growth are predicated upon the existence of different ideas, different perspectives, and an unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit.

Thus, at Forest Park, we consciously seek to foster a varied team. Our current team involves the collaboration of a diverse range of individuals, in all meanings of the word; our members come from a wide assortment of careers and personal backgrounds, representing different genders, ages, races/ethnicities, countries of origin, and fields of expertise. This team has brought us to where we are today, and we recognize that their diversity has been a key driver behind our success. To further this commitment to diversity, we are planning on partnering with a diversity hiring service.

We celebrate differences among our team members, as they are truly our greatest strength, helping us to overcome the complex and outdated structures holding the syndicated loan space back.

For more information about Forest Park and LoanOS, please refer to our website at or reach out to us via email at




FPG has a specific vision for future of the loan industry. Loans don’t trade like stocks and bonds. Understanding the uniqueness of the asset class has allowed us to architect a new paradigm for accelerated loan closing so that the market can truly Be Liquid.

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Jack Doherty

Jack Doherty

Jack is CEO and Co-Founder of Forest Park

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