BIT Forum Spring 2018 — Blockchain is the Future

Electronic News, the Korea Software Industry Association, and DeCentre held a forum for sharing knowledge on the blockchain ‘BIT FORUM 2018 Spring’.

The forum, titled ‘Blockchain is the Future’ was attended by many interested in Fintech, virtual currency, and blockchains. BIT FORUM 2018 Spring held various topics such as the status of domestic and foreign fintech market including blockchain / artificial intelligence / virtual currency, major issues, successful fintech convergence business model and domestic fintech industry support policy.

Foresting CEO Daniel Eom, in this BitForum 2018 Spring, talked about “The new concept of social media that will make your time more valuable.”

Daniel Eom said, “Foresting is a blockchain-based rewarding SNS that will open a new world, people work 4 hours a day by communicating with the world. It is said that it was born for realization.

In addition, “Foresting Network will bring a value change to the ‘Labor’ in the existing society. This will be accomplished through the blockchain-based rewards SNS proposed by Foresting Network and innovative financial services supporting it. This is the core value of the Foresting network. “

The Foresting Network value chain consists of three configurations. First, the blockchain-based rewarding SNS, the digital bank service ‘Foresting Bank’ for the users of the Foresting, and finally the Foresting Lab for the Foresting community.

According to Daniel Eom, ‘Foresting is a blockchain-based rewarding social network (SNS) that breaks the value distribution system of the existing social media platforms, provides contents through blockchain technology, To provide a more fair value distribution system.

In addition, ‘Foresting Bank’ is the second digital bank for the contributors of contents, such as content creators and curators, and supports the financial service users need to concentrate on contents creation centered on the Foresting Network .

In addition, the “Foresting Lab” supports social changes by supporting the stable and transparent operation of the last Foresting Network.

“Currently, the blockchain and cryptographic technology are rapidly spreading beyond the financial industry into all sectors of society including manufacturing, distribution, entertainment, and the public sector. BitForum 2018 Spring will look at the current trends in the rapidly changing blockchain and cryptography, and will be a forum to showcase of the new platforms of promising companies in this market that will leverage the best technology in the world.”