Foresting and Biometric Authentication Security Shieldcure Sign an MOU

Foresting CEO, Daniel Eom and Shiedcure CEO, Kim Tae Bong

Blockchain-based SNS platform Foresting CEO Daniel Eom has signed a strategic business agreement (MOU) with Shieldcure, a multi-biometric authentication security platform.

Through the agreement, the two companies will share technology and know-how and will further enhance the value of the technology related to the blockchain, thereby strengthening the ongoing cooperation for future growth.

Foresting is a new concept blockchain-based SNS platform that has not been introduced in Korea so far. It provides a fair value distribution system that enables all participants to contribute to platform growth by breaking away from the unfair social media platform value distribution system.

Shieldcure is a specialized company specializing in building blockchain ecosystems in Singapore and the EU (Estonia). We are in the business of multi-biometric authentication based blockchaining with enhanced security. ERC20 compatible electronic wallet and application platform. Currently, we will build our own blockchain platform.

“This agreement is a good opportunity to create synergies between the two companies that have played an active part in the blockchain,” said Daniel, CEO of Foresting.

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