Foresting Attended World Blockchain Forum In New York

Daniel Eom (CEO of Foresting) with Moe Levin (Founder of Keynote, host of WBF)

Foresting HQ (CEO: Daniel Eom) participated in the New York World Blockchain Forum (WBF) held in Metropolitan West, New York, USA, from June 11 to 13, with their strategic partner, said in a statement.

The World Blockchain Forum (WBF) is the world’s largest block-cipher global currency forum for networking at eight locations around the world. The forum focused on cryptographic tokens and virtual money.

This year, more than 1,000 blockchain companies, VIPs, investors and institutional investors participate in the event, and a new blockchain cipher company participated in the event to promote public relations and mutual exchange.

In particular, Foresting participated in the 2nd ICO panel announcement and introduced the blockchain based SNS platform. The company stressed its focus on promoting the two companies and promoting the Foresting Network during the World Blockchain Forum (WBF) event.

Foresting plans to start a global launch this year based on the blockchain SNS-based cryptography and ecosystem configuration, and improved UI / UX and usability. In addition, we will promote and market worldwide products, starting with the World Blockchain Forum (WBF), which is scheduled to be expanded by donation and banking functions in the future eco-system.

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