Here is an outline of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Foresting and our Answers. We shall keep updating them as and when they are asked.

  1. What is Cryptocurrency?
     A cryptocurrency uses cryptography for security and is a digital / virtual currency. It is truly difficult to invade cryptocurrency because of the security feature. A cryptocurrency is not issued by any central authority which is its organic nature, which makes it theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation from other source.
  2. What is FORESTING?
     FORESTING is a new generation social media platform that rewards content creators for their time and creativity by using blockchain technology.
  3. What is PTON?
     PTON is the cryptocurrency that will be used as a reward on the FORESTING platform.
  4. How many PTON Token will be sold?
     The total amount of PTON is 24 BN tokens and 40% of this will be sold, which is 9.6 BN tokens.
  5. What does Token Sale mean?
     The exchange of PTON tokens for other currencies is token sale. The main goal is to build and run application on the network by achieving widely distribution of tokens to be used on the FORESTING blockchain.
  6. Which currencies will be accepted?
     Contributions can be made in ETH only.
  7. Do I have to be a blockchain expert to use the platform/service?
     No, thanks to FORESTING’s user friendly interface it will be intuitive and easy to use like other social media (i.e Facebook or Instagram).