Foresting Launches Global Bounty Campaign

Foresting Bounty Campaign

Foresting HQ has just launched a Bounty Campaign in preparation of the grand ICO campaign which is scheduled to start in mid-September. The bounty program comes off right after the 1st Public ICO Pre-sale which lasted from August 10 -24, 2018.

Those who participated in the 1st Pre-Sale will be receiving their PTON tokens soon, so you should be checking your dashboard on the Foresting ICO Site.

General Information About the Bounty Campaign

A total of 48,000,000 PTON Tokens, amounting to $643K are up for grabs in the first bounty pool from August and will be locked till November 1, 2018.

Foresting Bounty Pool

Channels for participating in the Bounty Program

Foresting’s website and social media pages will be utilized for this campaign. Participants can check out the official sites here;
1. Foresting official website
Foresting Facebook
Foresting Twitter
Foresting Instagram
Foresting YouTube
Foresting Telegram
Foresting LinkedIn
Foresting Medium
Foresting Whitepaper

How To Participate in the Bounty Campaign

It is important to note that, KYC is not required in order to participate in this campaign and it is open to the public, no matter your country of residence.


Anyone who wishes to take part in the Bounty Campaign should visit the following link: FORESTING BOUNTY CAMPAIGN ON BITCOINTALK.

Note: You need to be a registered user on the Bitcoin talk Forum to be able to participate. The page contains comprehensive information about the bounties available, rules and terms of engagement, sign up forms as well as activities report forms.

Don’t forget to share this exciting opportunities to your network. Good luck as you grab your stakes in this juicy campaigns. Remember, the campaign will last until the end of the main ICO or until all the tokens are sold out.