[Foresting Platform: Get to know first] #3

Dear friends!

The previous article was about Foresting Wallet and you know where to hold PTON safely. But what can you actually do with PTON? Most of you might think about PTON Credit and platform 😊, which is 100% correct, but PTON can be used for offline payments as well. Just like fiat money that you got used to.

This article is about PTON payment methods and real example of payment. 
Yes, dear friends, future is knocking our doors and it’s already here.

Let me demonstrate a picture taken at blockchain coffee, where you pay for your coffee with PTON.
Does it sound like a joke? In fact, it’s not😉

Foresting partner, Decentre Blockchain Caffe, uses “CoinPresso”, coin payment system, which allows the purchase of coffee and beverages with PTON.

Yesterday Foresting people went to have some coffee at Decentre Caffe.
Can you see the date and the time on a receipt? It states February 27 (Wednesday) 13:00!!!
What a good idea to have coffee just right after lunch, isn’t it?

2 cups of coffee for 640 PTON and payment completed!

Unlike the conventional billing system, the payment was completed by depositing PTON through the QR code shown on the receipt without registration and creating a wallet. Easy and convenient!
At Foresting, we believe that securing partnerships with PTON is a very important part of providing social media services based on rewards for user activities. Currently, we are working hard on Open Beta release in April, by concluding 3rd Closed Beta test and a BitBerry crypto wallet agreement.

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