[Foresting Platform: Get to know first] #4

Dear friends!

As we promised a few days ago this article will be about PTON in Bitberry Wallet.

Foresting PTON meets Bitberry Wallet

On February 26, Foresting made an agreement with RootOne on adding PTON to the Bitberry crypto wallet. That’s amazing news as Bitberry has some great features:

  • There is no need to keep private keys, or complicated mnemonic to yourself.
  • It’s possible to send PTON via mobile numbers — easy and fast! Don’t worry about all those alphanumeric digits and mistaken transactions.
  • RootOne uses the wallet management system of Upbit, the ranked #1 cryptocurrency exchange in Korea.
  • The security is double-checked by Theori, a world’s top cybersecurity start-up.

Having all those advantages Bitberry future seems to be really promising. And we are happy to have PTON in Bitberry wallet 😊

Meanwhile, with the announcement of the launch of the Galaxy S10, which is equipped with a crypto wallet, it is expected to accelerate the popularization of cryptocurrency. Yay!

Seems like the crypto market will have significant changes in the nearest future…
Let’s have our eyes on them!