[Foresting Platform: Get to know first] #5

Dear friends!

Let’s continue our series of revealing Foresting secrets.

The previous article was about PTON in Bitberry wallet. That makes sending and receiving PTONs so much easy and fast. So, you can get PTONs from your friends in seconds.

But there is another way of getting PTON — FORESTING platform.

Today we are going to tease you with some screenshots from our 3rd Closed beta test 😊 On 4rd of March we started testing rewarding social media platform FORESTING. About 100 people with different background, age, and interests from 25 countries are participating in testing. Testing will continue until the end of March. The main purpose is to fix bugs and to test overall user experience before Open beta Launch, which will be just right next month 😉

Here are some screenshots:

“by @Leigh MacArthur
@Jay, Marketing Team at Foresting

You might be curious about the difference between LIKE and BEAT. So, lets me explain it briefly,

LIKE is a secondary indicator for content evaluation, allowing unlimited activities. ​


BEAT is a voting tool for content value promotion. 30 BEATs are provided to start, and one BEAT is generated automatically every 2 hours. In addition, BEAT is apportioned between the user and content creator.

To tease you even more here are some screenshots of Korean Illustrator @Lazy.drawing, who also participates in Closed beta test.

by @lazy.drawing