Foresting Signed MOU with Master Node Intermediation Platform — APIS

Foresting CEO, Daniel Eom and APIS CEO, Ronny Yoo Sign MOU

Foresting CEO Daniel Eom signed a strategic business agreement (MOU) with APIS, a master node brokerage platform, on 22nd of June 2018.

Through the agreement, the two companies will share technology and know-how and will further enhance the value of the technology related to the blockchain, thereby strengthening the ongoing cooperation for future growth.

Foresting is a blockchain-based SNS platform that has not been introduced in Korea until now. It is a fair value that contributes to platform growth by breaking away the unfair social media platform value distribution system. Distribution system.

Apis has made access to the master node to enter the public by simple membership. By allowing all types of users, including ordinary individual investors, to participate as master nodes such as DASH (DASH) and PIVEX (PIVX), they have lowered the barriers of the cryptographic market.

“This agreement is similar, but it is a good opportunity to create synergy between the two companies that have been active in other areas,” said the CEO of Foresting. “More collaborators will continue to enter the content market with more economical difficulties. I will try to do it. “

Group Photo of TEAM FORESTING and TEAM APIS after the historic signing

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