Here Comes Foresting: a Blockchain based Social Network Platform

Beat Your Heart with FORESTING

There are tons of valuable contents consumed online every second. The number of online content creators keeps growing by the day. Content platforms keeps springing up especially with the rise and trend of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Migration to blockchain platforms is not ending anytime soon. That means there is immeasurable demands for both the technology and contents. How about rewards for content creators? What if you get paid for the contents you create? Paid in not just any currency but Cryptocurrency?

Foresting is the new generation of social media service that is built on blockchain technology to provide economic freedom for content providers.

Many social media influencers make money from YouTube, Steemit and Instagram and they account for only 1% of these earners.

Foresting intends to resolve this unfair value distribution for content creators. The platform will provide a fair value distribution system on blockchain through social media token application.

Foresting Token Fair Distribution System

How is Foresting Different from other BlockChain SNS

The platform will be easy to use and fast for trading tokens. Also, the platform is being built with top class UX/UI technology that enables users to provide all types of content including images and videos. Foresting will be a 3rd Generation DApp (Decentralized App) on Web and mobile.

Elements of The Foresting Network

Our philosophy is underpinned on 3 key elements of the Foresting Network;
1. FORESTING SOCIAL NETWORK SERVICES — a fair reward distribution system for content creators through Blockchain
2. FORESTING FOUNDATION — Stable and transparent crowd donation for changing humanity
3. FORESTING BANK — ‘Foresting Bank’ is a digital bank for content creators and curators alike.

Benefits and Core Features

The Foresting platform will be offering 4 main benefits and core features:
1. Real-time Crypto Trade Function through Embedded Exchange
2. Master Node-based P2P Transaction
3. Content Creator Sponsor Feature
4. Open Market Advertising


Foresting Roadmap

We hope you join us on this exciting journey. Follow us on these Social Media Channels for more updates.