Highlights of Foresting Whitepaper v.0.8

Foresting Whitepaper

The Team at Foresting HQ last week released the ‘version 0.8’ of its Whitepaper to the public. The release comes after months of revision, updates, partnerships, advisors’ inputs and industry requirements.

The 77-paged document’s release also meet the company’s 2Q Timeline of activities leading to the main launch later in 2019.

The latest version of the Whitepaper contains valuable information to allow prospective investors, users, advisors and partners and the public gain proper understanding of Foresting’s services. There are deeper insights that have been communicated in clear language for everyone to peruse before engaging with our predesigned Tokens offers.

Foresting’s Whitepaper is contained on 7 Chapters with a Disclaimer and useful References.

Here are some of the highlights of the comprehensive Whitepaper v.0.8

  1. A brief history of the social media revolution
  2. Revised Foresting Network Services into 3 main models; Foresting Platform (with smart UI/UX design), Foresting Digital Bank (integrated financial service for content creators), and Foresting Lab (a supportive community of content creators).
  3. Explainable reward system of the Foresting network for content creators; including the kinds of cryptocurrencies and exchanges that would be operated as well as the blockchain technology.
  4. The Foresting Token called PTON. Its value model, usage and payment systems have been clearly outlined.
  5. All technical considerations of the Foresting network. That includes the technical architecture, API, Security and protocols.
  6. Finally, the PTON Issuance plan. Plans of issuing the PTON Tokens, total amount expected to be issued and the token distribution all culminating into the ICO launch.

The DISCLAIMER is very important to note as well.

The Whitepaper can be downloaded here: FORESTING WHITEPAPER.