Tobesoft, NBREDS and Foresting Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to Develop UI / UX and Digital Financial Services Based on Blockchain

- UI · UX company Tobesoft and fintech specialist Nbreds develop SNS platform based on blockchain

- Development of blockchain financial service - Foresting Bank through a comprehensive cooperation

Tobesoft (CEO Lee Moon-young and Cho Sang-won), Nbreds (CEO Jeong Dae-geun) and Foresting (CEO Daniel Eom) build the comprehensive cooperation on the development of blockchain-based SNS platform UI · UX and blockchain financial services Foresting Bank (MOU) on the 18th of June.

Tobesoft is the leading software company in Korea with the largest market share in the domestic UI and UX technologies, and is preparing to enter the global market through UI and UX technology.

“Tobesoft is pursuing a new business centered on the blockchain, fintech, and internet of everything(IoT) as the future growth engine.” Through this agreement, the Foresting partner will enter the blockchain-based SNS business as he mentioned, “We will expand our platform business based on the new blockchain.”

Nbreds CEO Jeong Dae-geun said, “Nbreds is a platform-specific fintech company with a variety of pre-paid and low-end payment solutions selected by domestic mobile operators, online content and global smartphone makers. Security technology to provide differentiated services. “

Through this agreement, CEO Jeong Dae-geun said, “To develop blockchain-based digital bank service Foresting Bank with Foresting partners, we combined expertise in the process of certification. I plan to support the development by utilizing it.“

“Through the agreement, we will accelerate the development of the Foresting Bank along with the development of UI / UX and other enterprise software, blockchain-based platform and Nbreds’ fintech technology.”

Foresting will utilize the blockchain technology in the future via:

▷Blockchain-based rewarding SNS ‘Foresting Platform’

▷Digital bank service for participants in ‘Foresting Bank’

▷Supporting the Foresting community, we plan to gradually expand the service area with the `Foresting Lab` to realize the change.

In the future, Tobesoft CEO Joe Sangwon will be the adviser for the Foresting platform and UI / UX development, and Mr. Jeong will be the advisor for the development of digital bank service of Foresting Bank.