Forestpin 2015: What to expect

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Good user experience is one of our top priorities. We have made a number of design improvements in the next version of the software.

We value the opinion of our customers. So we reached out to them and got their feedback before we started designing the Forestpin 2015. Combining all those ideas into a single uncluttered, easy to use product was no easy task. Unfortunately, we had to let go of a few good ideas along the way.


Summarized visualization for each analysis which allows you to get a rough idea about your data without going into details.


From the next version onward we’ll allow users to add, remove and edit filters on the go. This will make interrogation of data a lot easier.

Multiple tables

Next version of Lite will allow you to import multiple tables. It will also analyse their combinations joined using various categories.

For example, a table of GRNs and Invoices will be joined using supplier code, and the analysis by supplier will show GRN stats against Invoice stats.

Light and Dark Themes

We have decided to support both light and dark themes in Forestpin 2015.

The best background color of the app depends a lot on the user context. Research says that it’s inconvinient for the eye if the average color changes. That is if a user is switching between paper (white) and Forestpin app with a dark background it’s going to be hard on the eye. For this reason, we’ve decided to support two color themes so that users can pick the theme based on their preference.

More automation

We’ll automatically detect fields whenever it’s possible with the use of data formats and column headings. However you’ll always be able to override these.

We will write more about updates on the upcoming version here. If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop them by or

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