This is an English version of the story I posted on my POEMAS FLORESTAIS blog, in Portuguese, on April 26th 2012.

“It happened in Leme, on a Copacabana frontier, Rio’s shoreline hid under a rainy March afternoon. Only three media groups took part of that selective press conference — TV Brasil (whose empathetic crew actively contributed to my assignement’s conclusion), O Estado de São Paulo newspaper and the present vehicle, which I’m here using to reach you — the humble, yet brave & honorable, POEMAS FLORESTAIS blog. At the very same moment our Federal Congress formalizes the Brazilian Forestry Code’s erosion, a bit of sense and sensibility won’t do us any harm… I present you now the forestry videopoem CAPRA 3'. May its verses speak up by themselves.
My greenest greetings to u all!”
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