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Announcing Forever Meme Competition

Forever is blown away by the amount of growth we have seen in our community, with our Discord Channel reaching 15k+ community members and our App downloads reaching a peak of 5k+. With this level of growth and immense support from our amazing community, we are confident that we will disrupt the emerging Move2Earn industry and create the world’s first health data bank. To reward all of our supporters, we are hosting a meme competition. We hereby announce the Forever meme competition as a chance for the best creative memers out there and our community members to win some fantastic prizes.

How to Participate?

1. Create an original meme (image, video or gif) featuring something positive about Forever.

2. Tweet your creative meme with @Forevetoday #Move2Earn #Nft #MebotMeme #ForeverMeme #Mebots #ForeverMebotsMeme

3. Follow our Forever Twitter account

4. Join our Discord server and post your meme tweet Url on the #meme contest sub-channel

5. Retweet the meme contest tweet

6. Download Forever App from the Apple store or Google Play store and give us a 5-star rating

7. Screenshot all proofs and drop them in the #meme contest sub-channel on our discord server.

8. Fill out the form here.

Who can Participate?

This meme competition is open to our existing community members, new community members and talented memers out there. We want to reward our community members for their support and we want more eyes on what we are building at Forever.

Meme Competition Dates

Start: Tuesday, May 10th, 2022.

Close: 12 pm UTC, Tuesday, June 7th, 2022.

Meme Competition Rules

  • Your Twitter must be at least three(3) months old.
  • Must be following Forever Twitter handle.
  • Memes must be original content.
  • Memes must communicate a positive message about Forever.
  • No religious themes.
  • No political themes.
  • No hate speech.
  • No NSFW meme.
  • No fudding.
  • Multiple entries are allowed but participants can only win once.
  • Forever is not responsible for any copyright issue, the owner is responsible for infringing any copyright.


Prize Pool: 6 Mebot NFTs

  • First Place (1): 2 Mebot NFTs
  • Second Place (1): 1 Mebot NFT
  • Runners Up (3): 1 Mebot NFT each

Tips to win:

Forever judges will consider quality, creativity, and popularity (likes/retweets) when selecting winners. To win this contest, your meme must have at least 20+ likes and you must fill out the form here. So, invite your friends to participate and do not forget to go over the rules again to avoid disqualification.

Helpful Resources:

Branding Kit

Meme Maker

Winners will be announced by the first week of June and given clear instructions to receive their reward. We wish you all the best of luck and look forward to all entries.

About Forever

Forever builds Move2Earn games that incentivize participants with web3 mechanics to live healthier, happier lives and become their best selves. What separates Forever from other Move2Earn projects is its end goal, which is to build a health data bank that revolutionizes the way scientists, researchers and Big Tech companies treat health data. Forever will ensure that people own and control the usage of their health data. Forever will offer best-in-class interoperability by allowing users’ health data to be streamed from wearables of their choice to the Forever custodial Web3 wallet in their control. Read more about what we are building at Forever here.

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Forever is a digital twin universe where players raise their digital twins and use their IRL experiences to compete, improve and develop their best selves.

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