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Forever Bi-Monthly Report- April & May

In the past two months, we have achieved remarkable feats with the staunch support of our community members. We have compiled reports of what we’ve achieved over the past two months and what you should expect from us in the coming weeks.


Social Media and Community growth

Forever has attracted over 15000+ Discord members and 5000+ Twitter followers. Over 400 of them are Beta Users because of their outstanding performance and early contribution to the entire Forever Community.

We have seen the enthusiasm and support of our community members. And we have received several questions and suggestions about our project.

Whitelist For Steps Competition

The Whitelist for our Steps Competition began when we first announced it on our Discord channel in March. The competition is an early access competition program that allows participants to share a pool prize of $10,000 and Forever Biometric NFTs. The whitelist for the competition closed when the Steps competition officially started on May 15th.

Forever App Beta Test

We launched our Mobile App Beta Test on April 26th, to prepare for the upcoming Steps competition. Our community members automatically qualified for the Beta testing and new members joined in testing.


Launch of Our Global Ambassador Program

We got valuable feedback from our beta testers and community members, being the earliest adopters of our app and functionalities. To get the community involved in what we are building, we launched our Ambassador Program. Our Ambassadorial role, function and structure of compensation are detailed here. We have 6 Ambassadors: Content Ambassador, Design Ambassador, Community Ambassador, Lingual Ambassador and Sports Ambassador. Those who showed interest in becoming Forever Ambassador are given Degen role on our Discord channel. We will announce the most qualified Degens soon and give them the Ambassador role based on their category.

Forever Meme Competition

We launched our Meme Competition as a chance for the best creative memers and our community members to win some fantastic prizes. The competition came to an end on June 7. We appreciate the time and effort you put into designing creative memes to promote our project. We have increased the incentives to be won and the winners of our meme competition will be announced in early July.

End of Beta Test

Our Beta App Test ended on May 14th and participants will be rewarded in June. We detailed the reward structure in this article. The Beta test recorded a peak of 300,143,514 steps after 3weeks of testing. The end of our Beta App Test on May 14 spurred the commencement of our Forever Steps competition.

Start Of Forever Steps Competition

We kicked off our steps competition on May 15 after the close of our Beta testing. Our steps competition was a Gamefi competition aimed at incentivizing our users for keeping fit. The competition was between team MIAMI(MIA) and team NEW YORK(NYC). Which team were you on?

End of Forever Steps Competition

We are super excited to see how our community members participated in our Steps competition. Team Miami recorded 147,234,785 steps, while Team New York recorded 89,858,248 steps. The overall steps recorded during this competition totalled 237,093,033 steps. As promised, the first 5000 from the winning team will share a pool prize of $10,000. We have rewarded all MIA team members with STX tokens and we are going to reward the first 10k users that participated in our Steps competition with 10,000 Alex tokens. Is this the end? No. This is just the beginning.

Even though the competition has ended, our users will still be rewarded for using our App. They will earn Heart tokens, the equivalent of the steps they take every day. Users will be able to convert these heart tokens to fiat or cryptocurrency later.

Likewise, our developers are building behind-the-scenes and more functionalities will be added to our mobile application for ease of usability by our users.

What to Expect

We know our community members have a ton of questions to ask about what we are building; the tokenomics of our project, the white paper and our upcoming Mebot NFT mint. Our team members are putting these important documents together. We will share them with the community soon.

In the meantime, we will have our first AMA(Ask Me Anything) session on Twitter Space where our community members can Ask Us Anything about what we are building. The time and date of the AMA session will be announced on our Discord channel and Twitter Page when the team finalizes.

Furthermore, there will be a new incentivized referral campaign and Steps Competition 2.0. We are announcing the new referral campaign tomorrow, stay tuned for detail on our Discord channel.

Lastly, we know the essence of having a community of members who believe in what we are building and are ready to engage and stay with us as we build.

As we build, we will keep you updated on new developments and improvements.

Thank you, everyone.

About Forever

Forever builds Move2Earn games that incentivize participants with web3 mechanics to live healthier, happier lives and become their best selves. What separates Forever from other Move2Earn projects is its end goal, which is to build a health data bank that revolutionizes the way scientists, researchers and Big Tech companies treat health data. Forever will ensure that people own and control the usage of their health data. Forever will offer best-in-class interoperability by allowing users’ health data to be streamed from wearables of their choice to the Forever custodial Web3 wallet in their control. Read more about what we are building at Forever here.

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Forever is a digital twin universe where players raise their digital twins and use their IRL experiences to compete, improve and develop their best selves.

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