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Forever Bi-Monthly Report- June & July

Forever Bi-monthly Report

The past two months have been very busy for the Forever team! A series of significant milestones have been reached. Let’s take an overview of what we achieved in June and July.



June was payday for 5000 members of Team Miami, who participated and won the Steps competition. As a surprise, we distributed 10,000 ALEX tokens to the first 10k users who participated in our steps competition.


We launched a new referral program where you get credited with 1% of the steps each of your new referrals takes. And every week, we rewarded the top 5 referrers with $10 each. This was done to keep the community active and to get community members more involved.



For our Legendary Mebot mint, we announced the criteria for getting whitelisted. Just a quick lowdown on what a Legendary Mebot is:

The rarest collection of Gen-0 Mebots is the Legendary Mebots. The Legendary Mebots are Mebots with glowing elements and this helps generate more Heart tokens as more watts⚡is been generated by walking. They sparkle ✨ and become super rare as you step out daily in Land42. Owning a Legendary Mebot enables you to enjoy full access to Land42 and participate in the upcoming Mebot Steps Competition. As well as a treasure hunt!


We announced the winners of our Meme competition after evaluating 100+ entries. The list of winners is on our Discord channel. As promised, we will reward them after our Legendary Mebot Mint.


During the pre-mint period for our Legendary Mebot, 254 Mebots were minted. The pre-mint has ended, but the public mint is still ongoing. The number of legendary Mebots will be limited to 2000. If you haven’t yet minted a legendary Mebot, there is still time.

The Legendary Mebots are very special: Every legendary Mebots has a glowing headgear, making them a very special mint; and there will never be more Mebots with glowing headgear ever, these will be the rarest and most valuable collectables. They will have special powers in Land42. They will breed healthier Gen-1 offspring. They will allow you to compete in Steps v2 and compete for prizes.



Mebots Watt Score

The Mebot Watt Score gives an overview of your Mebot’s health and performance. It has 5 metrics:

  1. Steps — You’ll get a perfect score once you take at least 10k steps per day! What counts for a high score is your step’s consistency.
  2. Explorer — This score reflects how many locations you have visited with your Steps app in the past 30 days. When you bump your phone with fellow Mebot you get a 10x bonus! 💙
  3. H.R.V. Heart — Heart Rate Variability is a metric of the well-being of your heart. Help your Mebot stay healthy and take care of your heart. Read more on how to improve your HRV.
  4. Sleep — The more consistent your sleep schedule is the healthier your Mebot gets!
  5. Social — This score reflects how many Mebots you have invited via your referral link in the past 30 days. There is a 10x Bonus multiplier if the invitee becomes a Mebot owner!


There is a lot of great news about to be announced soon.

Step Contest 2.0

Ambassador Unveiling


About Forever

Forever builds Move2Earn games that incentivize participants with web3 mechanics to live healthier, happier lives and become their best selves. Forever cuts above other Move2Earn projects with its end goal of revolutionizing how scientists, researchers, and big tech companies collect and analyze health data. Forever will ensure people own their health data and control its usage. Users’ health data will be streamed from wearables of their choice to the Forever custodial Web3 wallet under their control for best-in-class interoperability. Read more about what we are building at Forever here.

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