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Introducing The Forever Burn2Earn Competition

Participate in contests and win from a pool of $10000 x Biometric NFTs

The whitelist for Forever Burn2Earn contest started on March 23rd when we first announced it on our Twitter page and our Discord channel. As of now, with over 5.3k+ contestants, we would like to inform our Medium community of the ongoing whitelist competition before we kickstart the competition on May 15th. You can participate from anywhere you are in the world. Just pick which team you are on before the start of the competition and invite your friends and family. In this short article, we will walk you through the competition rewards and how you can join today.

Competition Rewards

This competition is an early access competition program that gives participants the opportunity to share $10,000 and Forever Biometric NFTs. There is also a referral contest on our Discord channel where the person with the most invites gets to receive an equivalent of 1AXS- $64. We have a ton of rewards and programs planned in the future which will be announced here soon.

Why Should I Join This Competition?

Forever is giving you the chance to record, collect and own your health data, forever. We are building a health data platform that is driven by distributed ownership. Web3 gives you power over your data and our Burn2Earn competition incentivizes you to take care of your health. This is the first in many games we have in plan for you.

How Do I Join The Burn2Earn Competiton?

It’s simple.

  1. Head over to our website and sign up for the competition:
  2. Join our Discord channel:
  3. Provide your Discord username in Steps dashboard.
  4. Lastly, head over to our Twitter page:, follow and retweet our pinned post.

That’s all for now.



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