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Introducing The Forever Global Ambassador Program

Forever Global Ambassador Program

Hello Forever Community!

Since the start of our beta testnet program, we have received loads of messages from community members who want to be actively involved in our community.

These messages primarily centred on:

  • The moderation of our Discord server and country-specific channels on our server.
  • New strategies for community building, engagement, and other activities to foster growth in our community.
  • The creation of written and graphical content in the native language of our users will aid easy comprehension of the Forever project, leading to more promotion.

Within five days of announcing our beta testnet program, our community grew exponentially, and our Mobile App downloads skyrocketed. Check out our current numbers at the time of writing this article:

  • 9000+ Discord Channel members
  • 4000+ Twitter followers
  • 2,000+ Forever App Downloaders

These are good numbers for a start, however, we want to do more. Our community members have given us valuable feedback, and we are super proud of them all, especially being the earliest adopters to test our app and its functionalities. With no backing from our community members, we would not have made it this far. So, to get our community members involved in what we are building, we want to launch our Global Ambassador Program.

The Global Ambassador Program program focuses on rewarding active and engaged community members who want to support and promote Forever. We believe our community members will come with valuable skills and join us in actively building the world’s first health data bank.


  • Exclusive Biometric NFT
  • Exclusive invitations to product testing and events
  • Early news and information about Forever and the Crypto industry
  • Exclusive Ambassador Group — Communicating with the Forever team directly
  • Exclusive Ambassador Key — 100% to get $Heart rewards
  • Whitelist Allocation
  • Qualifications for co-hosting community calls and various events
  • Public announcements and promotions posted by Forever Official

As we proceed, more Ambassadorship privileges will be designed by the Ambassador group.


Forever Ambassadors will make up five categories: Community Ambassador, Design Ambassador, Content Ambassador, Lingual Ambassador, and Sports Ambassador. The Ambassador program is open to all applicants, with priority given to those who have already obtained the role of OG and BETA USER ROLE in our Discord channel.


Community ambassadors will politely and patiently assist fellow community members by answering questions, engaging with community members, and giving feedback received from the community to the Forever team. To apply for a community ambassador role, you need to have at least 300 Twitter followers. Once you meet this criterion, you can proceed to fill out the application form.

Once approved, you will get a Degen role on our Discord group, where you will need to stay active in promoting and interacting with our Twitter posts for 30 days.


Design Ambassadors will develop educative and engaging visual content that showcases Forever’s vision and goal. This role is open to talented graphic designers and visual artists. To apply, you will design Original artworks centred around Forever and what we are building on Web3. The artwork can be in the form of memes, infographics, posters, pictures, sticker packs, GIFs, etc. Finally, you will need to accumulate 20 approved designs to get the role of Design Ambassador.

Note: No sexual, violent, politically sensitive content will be approved.


To apply as a Content Ambassador, you are to post an introductory article or a video on Twitter and tag our official Twitter page. The article or video must introduce Forever and what we are building on Web3 in pure English language. Finally, you will need to accumulate 10 approved pieces of content to get the role of Content Ambassador.

Note: You could initially post the content on any of these platforms: Youtube, Reddit or Medium and then share the link on Twitter.


To apply as a Lingual Ambassador, you will translate all our announcements into a regional language(non-English) and share them on the Discord sub-language channel for over 30 days. We will assign 10 articles/posters/videos for you to translate, after which you will get the role of Lingual Ambassador.


Sport & Fitness ambassadors will be the face of Forever in the sporting community and help community members develop a dedicated fitness lifestyle and healthy living. The ambassadors will simplify everything about our App and Move2Earn project and relate them to sports. They will create video content showing the community how to get fit.
Finally, to get the role of a sports & fitness ambassador, your social media account(Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter etc.) must be sport/fitness/health/lifestyle related with at least 1k followers. Also, you need to accumulate 10 approved pieces of content to get this role.


1. Be passionate about Forever.

2. Be patient and understanding.

3. Have relevant community management experience.

4. Have a strong interest in, and eager to learn more about Web3.

5. Have a knack for connecting with people from all walks of life and being active on social media platforms.

6. Regularly participate in Forever’s community calls, AMAs, or other activities.

7. Bonus abilities and personalities:

· Has extensive web3 knowledge

· Industrial specialist or Community KOL

· Familiar with web3 community and stacks ecosystem

· Can produce high-quality content and memes

· Experience in involving projects on Stacks.

· Solid knowledge about crypto games and investments.

P.S: If you want to become a full-time moderator for Forever, working as an ambassador is a good starting point.


About Forever

Forever builds Move2Earn games that incentivize participants with web3 mechanics to live healthier, happier lives and become their best selves. What separates Forever from other Move2Earn projects is its end goal, which is to build a health data bank that revolutionizes the way scientists, researchers and Big Tech companies treat health data. Forever will ensure that people own and control the usage of their health data. Forever will offer best-in-class interoperability by allowing users’ health data to be streamed from wearables of their choice to the Forever custodial Web3 wallet in their control. Read more about what we are building at Forever here.

We have many more updates and exciting news for you. So make sure to-

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