Understanding Move2Earn: The Emerging Web3 Gaming Model and How It Incentivizes A Healthier Lifestyle

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4 min readApr 12, 2022


Forever is building a health data bank on the blockchain that incentivizes users in two ways: Data Collection and Data Sharing

Move2Earn by Forever

The emergence of new applications and technologies in the form of Web3 has brought about a new concept, Move2Earn. While some call it Burn2Earn or Play2Health, it is an emerging concept in Web3 that incentivizes users to take their health seriously. It is the revolutionary fusion of Biotech and the blockchain. In this article, we will look into the growing trend of Move2Earn as it relates to web3, the surface and in-depth level solution it brings, and how Forever is building around this concept to ensure people have control over their health data.

What Is The Move2Earn Concept All About?

Move2Earn, Burn2Earn, or Play2Health is a novel concept that incorporates Game-Fi, Social-Fi, and NFT aspects- elements that can be found in the Play2Earn model. A user who participates in Move2Earn projects is rewarded for maintaining a healthier lifestyle rather than just playing games alone with zero incentives. The idea of the Move2Earn model is that we can use our natural movement to earn money. Wearable devices, step counters, augmented reality, GPS, and NFTs are used to track exercise habits and activities to reward users with tokens that could be converted to fiat money.

Is it About Moving Aimlessly to Earn some reward?

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to eat right and exercise constantly- Fitness. What happens when you fail to do these? Simple! Health deteriorates. This is where the Move2Earn concept comes in, it aims to create a healthier world where people are motivated to stay fit and active while earning money at the same time. The reward attached will serve as a motivation and an easy way to onboard users who wouldn’t ordinarily engage in fitness activities. Sounds cool, right?

What Forever Is Building With The Move2Earn Model

Forever is a Move2Earn platform with a difference. It was born with a mission: to be a google search engine for human health. It is a health data platform driven by distributed ownership. Web3 will be the internet of the future, where users will have control over their data. In turn, Forever will ensure that users have control over their health data in the future. The solution Forever brings to Web3 can be placed under two categories:

Surface Level Solution: Incentivizing a healthier lifestyle with Web3 mechanics.

In-depth Level Solution: Creating a permissioned health data bank platform that makes health data decentralized and controlled by users.

To understand the surface and in-depth level solution Forever brings to Web3 through the Move2Earn model, let us examine the two ways in which it incentivizes its users. Forever is building a health data bank on the blockchain that incentivizes users in two ways: Data Collection and Data Sharing.

Data Collection

As previously explained, Forever is creating a gamified environment for users to get rewards for doing physical activities through the Move2Earn model. Users’ data would be collected(through user’s activities) with wearables and interfaces (including brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), fitness trackers, and eye-tracking technologies).

The data collected, at this stage, will be automatically sent to Forever’s Mobile Application, for users’ access only. The data will be on the blockchain, protected with a private cryptographic key accessible only to the user. So, through this exercise model, users stay fit and have less risk of contracting chronic diseases associated with lack of exercise and frequent physical movement. The Whitelist for our first Burn2Earn competition between two cities: Miami x NYC, is ongoing. Join here.

Data Sharing

Now that the data is in the Forever App, it cannot be destroyed, deleted, tampered with, or restricted from the user because it would be saved on the blockchain. The data is inaccessible to third parties, including Forever. It is only accessible to the user- the user owns the data. How is the user rewarded? The user is rewarded with tokens by giving third parties read-only access to his data. What this implies is that the user can share his health data anonymously with other users through Forever’s Web3 wallet. Also, researchers, teachers, lecturers, students, or organizations who want to carry out revolutionary health research will pay to access this data. If given permission, the user earns without compromising his identity. If the user decides not to share his data, it stays in his Web3 wallet, forever.

These are the two ways Forever uses in incentivizing users. And these two ways give an overview of what Forever stands for and the ultimate solution it brings to Web3- creating a health data bank.

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