3 Healthy Apps to Download Now

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Oct 24, 2016 · 3 min read

With so many apps out there for health and fitness, from run trackers to calorie trackers to cooking, it can be tough to find apps that fit your needs. That’s why we’ve decided to curate a short list of health/fitness related apps we’re loving right now, along with why they’ve caught our eye. In this post we’ve got an app for recipes, sleep habit improvement, and one for yoga.

Fit Men Cook — Healthy Recipes

Fit Men Cook App’s philosophy is simple and yet very on point:

Food should be easy to prepare and affordable, it should be vibrant and tasty, never boring, and preparing food in advance is important. Following these steps helps you stick to your healthy living goals.”

Fit Men Cook has been around for a few years, first in the form of a Tumblr Blog, later evolving into fitmencook.com, an Instagram, a YouTube channel, and now the founder brings us an iOS app. It is the brainchild of a guy named Kevin, who decided to transform his body and his life via health and fitness, during a time when he took notice that he was out of shape, and set out to change that. Kevin’s blog posts, videos, and Instagrams are motivating inspiring and look delicious, and we’re so excited that he’s made his content available on mobile in an easily digestible portable format.

What we love about the app:

  1. Very visually appealing with videos detailing recipes
  2. Guides for weekly meal prep
  3. Allows tracking of calories and syncs with Apple Health
  4. Customizable for diets, including vegetarian
  5. Helps with efficiency — planning meals in advance saves us time!

Check it out in the iOS App Store

To Bed App

To bed app’s motto is:

“there’s no app to replace Mom, but when Mom is not around, this is the app to get you to bed”

Everyone is really busy and we all sometimes forget to take care of ourselves, fall out of our routines and our health suffers for it. Sleep is vital for our overall wellbeing, and getting your required snooze time will help you stay in your best shape, and keep your immune system strong. If you’re having trouble with self-discipline and getting to bed on time, this app could be a solution for you!

What we love about the app:

  1. It’s beautifully designed, the colors are also calming and “sleep friendly”
  2. Customize the times you need to wake up each day as well as how much sleep you need
  3. The app will remind you when you should start getting ready for bed as well as have a countdown on its home screen until your bedtime

Check out To bed for iOS here.


“Your Personal Yoga and Mindfulness Guru”

Yoga has long been known to increase mental focus and concentration, improve energy levels, help overcome anxiety and depression and improve sleep quality. However, yoga can be intimidating for those who are not familiar with it. It can also be tough to get to a yoga class due to the time commitment it takes, between getting to the yoga class, changing and practicing, it can take hours. Fortunately, there are dozens of YouTube channels and apps that focus on helping you get your namaste on in the comfort of your own home. One such app that we’re currently loving is yogatailor.

What we love about the app:

  1. The graphics are whimsical and engaging
  2. Customizable to your needs with thousands of sequences and timebound sessions
  3. Works with Apple TV and Chromecast so that you can stream to your TV
  4. There are special series tailored to specific situations such as back pain

Check out yogatailor for iOS & Android.

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Health & Wellness Tips

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Forever Young

Health & Wellness Tips

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