3 Ingredient Pancakes

This recipe is sugar free and gluten free.

These 3 Ingredient Pancakes are Paleo Friendly and Palette Pleasing

So here’s the Three Ingredient Pancake. Gluten free, paleo, sugar free, guilt free.

  • Two large ripe bananas
  • Four organic and free range eggs (do not be a Tight Ass Tim when it comes to buying eggs)
  • One small teaspoon of cinnamon

Batter will make 8–10 medium pancakes and can be stored in the fridge for one day.

You basically know what to do from here. Either mash and stir in a bowl or pull out the blender. I go the blender and dishwasher option.

Now there is a trick when it comes to pouring in your non-stick fry-pan. Use a medium heat (if your stove scores temperature out of 10, then set it to 6). Add a heaped teaspoon of your lubricant (coconot oil, grass fed butter) but only once it’s hot. That lub needs to sizzle. Once we’ve established that, pour in your batter. Your pancake will be a nightmare to flip if you went in cold turkey.

Make a bunch of those and add whatever you like on top. I love me some Canadian maple and a bunch of antioxidant rich berries as the sweet and sour play together beautifully. The best part about this recipe is that it’s just potassium and protein which means you feel fantastic with no pancake postmortem.

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