A funny thing happened to us at the gas station (waaaaay back in 2008):

Ever had a stranger come up and make the most random comments to you? DH had that happen to him yesterday at the gas station.

We were out and about doing errands and DH had me drive up to the pump at Sam’s for gas. DH doesn’t like driving my van, so I’m usually the one in the drivers seat. DH is always a sweetie and pumps the gas for us.

Me: (dealing with a screaming 3yr old in the car)

DH: (pumping gas)

Old Guy: (using the pump in front; finishes and walks up to DH)
 “Ever notice that you see lots of women driving cars nowadays, but always make us guys pump the gas?”

DH: Huh? Uh…….

Old Guy: (walks away)

Me: (laughs ‘cuz I just pumped gas all by myself the other day.)