What’s in a Name?

I’ve been thinking about changing our homeschool name. Because you know, it’s more crucial to have a cool homeschool name rather than actual lesson plans. Um…yeah.

In Texas we are considered private schools, and don’t have to file any kinds of papers. (Unless you are pulling your kids out of public school, then you have to file something. The kids never attended TX schools so I don’t really know what’s required.) I thought KY was a pretty easy place to homeschool, but TX is even easier. We don’t have to have an Official School Name, but way every once in a while I’ll need to fill out a form that says “school name.” I really don’t mind filling in the blank with “Homeschool,” but it sounds bland and dreary.

We unofficially used “Discovery School” but it never sounded quite right to me. So today I set out on a quest to gather ideas and come up with a new name. Here are just a few names I considered:

P(lastname) School for Wayward Boys

P____ Academy for the Highly Energetic

The School of Infinite Questioning

Streetname Road Insane Asylum

The School of Barely Controlled Chaos

And my personal favorite: Our Lady of Perpetual Yelling

The name I actually settled on is “Corps of Discovery Academy”. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but it represents my goals for our schooling. I’ve followed Charlotte Mason-ish educational philosophies (mostly) since I started homeschooling C, low these many years ago. I also have a lot of child-led interests as a significant part of G’s education, because he’s my strong-willed child.

I also didn’t want anything cutesy because I’d like for him to (potentially) be able to use the name for all 12 years. I can’t imagine he’d be thrilled having a name like “Lego Hero School” on his high school diploma. (Then again, it does sound kinda cool!) So now that I have that emergency handled, I can get back to finishing my lesson plans.

How about you? Do you have a name for your homeschool?