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There is no magic as gentle as time.

There is no magic as gentle as time. You may occupy all the spaces money can buy and there will be time there lurking, patiently waiting for you to relapse to the past or makes you anxious about the future, yet still giving you the present to be lived in.

Time won’t heal the wound, but she gives you chances to remorse, to fight, to rest, to mourn, to embrace, to forgive, to be grateful.

Time will keep flowing on whichever direction she desires, even though your world stops moving.

Time watches you sleep and accompany you when you can’t sleep.

You can manage your schedule as meticulous as you are capable of, yet she still finds a way to challenge you to be a better friend for her.

Time is a she. It gives birth to opportunity, probability, chances and choices which you can choose on how to nurture them. She is a gentle magic with boundless love, forging us and our deeds, even after we passed away. Time will tell, she always is, truthfully, tenderly.




Forge myself by spending an hour to write for a year straight, for good.

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Ryandi Pratama

Ryandi Pratama

I love making things and making love thinks.

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