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Forget The Funnel

Why successful SaaS startups fumble and fail to scale

We’ve all heard the reasons startups fail: no market need, ran out of cash, not the right team, competition. But these are largely preventable *if* SaaS companies can identify and pull the right levers in time.

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What got you here won’t get you there

There’s a laundry list of things to fix after “moving fast & breaking things”

Growth ≠ Acquisition

Team members are quietly drowning (in the Kool-Aid)

How startups actually *can* scale up

  1. Looking to your best customers for insights, then based on those insights, shining a light on the gaps in your strategies; your messaging; and potentially even how you’ve positioned your product in the market.
  2. Operationalizing those insights to democratize understanding, so your team can consistently create valuable experiences at critical customer success milestones (even as headcount increases rapidly).
  3. Graduating from handicapped marketing practices as the primary vehicle for increasing annual recurring revenue. Unlocking revenue needs to happen across the entire customer experience.
  4. Putting the right people in the right roles, or giving them the resources they need to grow in their current ones.
  • $500 / month on paid marketing
  • 5,000 monthly website visitors from paid marketing campaigns
  • 5% monthly conversion rate from website visits to trial signups
  • 5% monthly conversion rate from trial signups to new paying customers
  • An ACV (annual contract value) of $1200 per customer ($100 / month x 12 months)
Keep in mind: this simplified example doesn’t account for improving touchpoints further along the customer journey — like reducing churn, increasing the amount of new customers referred by existing ones, etc.

Companies need to take the big leap from viewing customers through a macro lens (an account holder, a subscriber, a segment, or a persona) to viewing a customer as a single sentient human being — and then operationalizing that view.

— Victor Milligan: CMO, Forrester

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