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Build an online store with cryptocurrency payment support

If you are a beginner with no coding experience at all but still interested in getting involved with cryptocurrency trends and setting up your own website, blog, or online store, then you have landed at the right place.

What you’ll need

  • No programming experience needed
  • Some time, each session is about 20–30 mins
  • No fee for building a test toy store locally

What you’ll learn

  • API usage and other programming jargons
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency terminologies
  • Website hosting and cloud deployment concepts

What you’ll build

  • An online store with cryptocurrency, credit card, and PayPal payment support enabled

Step-by-step Guide

1.Get a wallet and some test coins

2. Register a test account at Forgingblock

3. Create a store and connect to my wallet

4. Build my online store

5. Deploy my online store to cloud and other advanced topics



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