Story time with Father Pray: Federation Falling

In a time long forgotten, there was a world divided.

One of the most contentious Elections had finished, and it left a nation torn

“Bell, John”.Photo. Encyclopaedia Britannica Online

The man who won the election, scraped by winning 39.8% of the popular vote, but he won 59.4% of the Electorate winning election.

The victor of this contentious election, only managed to win the Northern and West Coast vote. In half the the locations he received no more than 1% of the vote.

“American Presidential election, 1860”. Map. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Web

Those who opposed him were furious, they feared the results of this would lead to the destruction of their rights. This man was not their President.

Like a house made of cards it came toppling down. The sound of a cannon started a Civil War.

The American Civil war started in 1861 and came to a bloody end in 1865. It claimed the lives of 617,877 to 851,066 Americans. The bloodiest period of American history.

Although the dynamics and economic driving factors of the civil war are significantly complex much can be learned from the bloody history.

Do not allow fear to drive you into sectarian ideals.

Nearly half the Nation Apposed a man we revere today. There was much fear around him, his ideals, what he stood for. However Abraham Lincoln is arguable one of the most important Presidents in the history of the United States.

Photo. Encyclopaedia Britannica Online

There is no modern president in my eyes, worthy of comparing to President Lincoln. (O ya I just gave an opinion)

Lesson to consider: The fear, resentment, and political divide led to one of the bloodiest parts of American History. The Civil War almost ended our nation, but pulled the Nation together and created a more perfect union. It paved the way to equality.

Violence is often a last resort, propagated by a political minority, and fought by the young idealists.

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