Ambar | Washington D.C.

Chef’s Tasting Spread — Ajvar, kajmak, urnebes.

Introduced as the chef’s spread tasting, this colorful, artisanal appetizer set expectations for the night.

My eyes scanned up and down the stone chiseled platter, until resting on the sculpted mound of bread.

That’d be the starting point, strong enough to carry any topping to the bed of my mouth.

I started with the Ajvar, as this was something familiar from my month in Croatia. Biting into it took me back to the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic.

The spices of pepper danced with the eggplant as it swirled around my tongue.

This went on for a few minutes more before I decided to switch over to what would considerably be the main event.

I tenderly grasped a lump of bread, lathered it with the beet-based tzatziki, and raised it to my lips. The greens gave me comfort, adding a little texture to the spread.

I should’ve stopped after a few bites, but couldn’t help myself. After 2 full breads, I was satisfied.

This Balkan treasure was blissful, and left me wanting more.

💋 MB