Bearcat | Brooklyn, NY

Avocado Toast — Chevre, sumac, roasted chickpeas.

Anticipating the beautiful juxtaposition of crunchy toast with soft avocado, I hesitated for a moment to decide if I wanted to jump right in or carry myself as a sophisticated lady.

It took every ounce of self discipline to resist, but I carefully separated a bite from the whole with a fork and knife.

Giving attention to all the goods, I brought the forkful of the creamiest goat cheese, roasted sesame seeds and chickpeas, fresh parsley and of course the avocado and toast up to my lips.

I paused for another moment to size it up, making sure it could fit in my mouth completely without making too much of a mess around my lips.

Then with a triumphant stretch, I managed the bite that tingled with a squeeze of lemon before churning the fresh bite around.

I sat in pure bliss, weakened by the overwhelming satisfaction I just swallowed.

Good thing this would happen at least 6 more times in this sitting, before I’d have to leave and choose something else to taste.

💋 MB