Café no sé | Austin, TX

(Gingerbread spice cake — chai poached pear, maple ice cream, frosted walnuts, sage)

Placed in front of me with deliberate ta-da, was the beautiful display of a dynamic dessert.

Convinced by the pitch of “a bite of winter,” I couldn’t wait to experience the perfect juxtaposition of delicate, hearty, comforting flavors and textures all at once.

Starting with the maple ice cream, I gently parted the ball of chilled cream, scooped a little crumble delight, chai poached pear, and fresh fuzzy leaf of sage before admiring with anticipation the glorious bite I was about to enjoy.

With the small snow globe on my spoon, I was ready to taste the promised bite of winter.

The heat of my tongue turned the ice cream into a sweet sauce that gave dew to the gingerbread cake.

The poached pear, supple and spiced, nestled in with the candied nuts, all swirling around as the snowflakes of crumbles gleefully danced around my mouth.

I swallowed, but not before another scoop was to my lips. It was indeed a warm winter’s night.

Comforting from the inside out.

💋 MB