Ciros Speakeasy & Supper Club| Tampa, FL

(The Flying V — Duck Fat-Washed Old Forester, Apricot Cordial, Yellow Chartreuse, Lemon, Sugar, Rosemary Smoke)

The glass was placed on the table.

Immediately, the pent up smoke crawled out, releasing writhing curls that gripped the edges of the snifter.

After watching the playful display of a cocktail dance, I guided it toward my face.

The seductive haze startled my senses — it came on way too strong.

But that’s what I get for being too eager.

I took a step back, admired the chiseled lines of the glass, the bold-bodied color of the drink and the seductively outpouring fog.

Liquid pheromones strong at play, I was drawn in for a taste.

Anticipating a simple sip to start, I was overwhelmed in the best way possible.

A duck fat-infused bourbon for my tongue, a rosemary haze for my nose, ultimately an unsuspecting sweet nectar to swallow.

The roof of my mouth told me it was tart, the back of my tongue — citrus, all the while shrouded in a floral layer of herbal bliss.

Sweet and smooth.

My lips remained slightly parted, my eyes rested shut…still processing the plunge I just took into a new world of intoxicants.

Nothing will ever compare…impossible to top…a drink to remember.

💋 MB