House of Small Wonder | Berlin, Germany

Okinawan Taco Rice — Invented in the 60’s. Tex-Mex favorite with a Japanese twist. Ground all natural pork, chopped vegetables and cheese and fried organic egg over rice.

I had brunch with myself today.

No, not by myself, actually with myself. There was a mirror right in front of me to make it look like I was sitting across from myself.

This might sound weird but seeing myself eat this made it taste that much better. Catching a glimpse of my own uncontrollable facial expression of delight after taking a mouthful of this hearty dish proved that I was enjoying it.

Tossed atop a bed of rice was a spread of spinach, tomatoes and sweet red peppers. The ground chicken amidst the veggies added a lovely savory protein to the mix.

Finished off with an egg that oozed so satisfyingly when I broke the yolk.

Seasoned with a little cheese, this House of Small Wonder filled me with wonder indeed.

💋 MB