New Taraval Cafe | San Francisco, CA

“Off the menu special.”

Ooh this was going to be good.

Crossing town to take advantage of the rare window of opportunity, I was surprised that we were seated so quickly…especially since I knew the special mushrooms wouldn’t be on the market for long.

In so many words, he said

“Have it your way,”

and I giddily listed ingredients I knew would tickle my fancy.

When my plate arrived, an awe-stricken wispy “wow” escaped from my lips. I gingerly explored every inch of the dish, starting with the savory.

Enchanted by the mix of earth — spinach, parsley, thyme, and more — a single bite of the scramble fulfilled my every need.

Thought it was over? Nah.

The chanterelle mushrooms pressed against the inside of my cheek as the pecorino cheese cuddled my tongue.

It was subtle, sweet, and seductive enough.

Finished off with the harmonious juices of seasonal fruit, I considered another, disregarding my need to recover from the food coma I was just delivered into.

Freshly foraged mushrooms, you were my first, but hopefully not my last. I could taste the effort in every bite.

💋 MB

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